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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Top 30 with Regional Rankings September 15, 2013

TOP 30

1    1. Alabama Crimson Tide 2-0, beat #17 Texas A&M 49-42, vs. Colorado State
2    2. Ohio State Buckeyes 3-0, beat California 52-34, vs. Florida A&M
3    3. Clemson Tigers 2-0, off,  @ NC State
4    4. Oregon Ducks 3-0, beat #26 Tennessee 59-14, off
5    5. LSU Tigers 3-0, beat Kent St 45-13, vs # Auburn
6    6. Stanford Cardinals 2-0, beat Army 34-20, vs. #16 ASU
7    7. Georgia Bulldogs 1-1, off, vs. North Texas
8    8. Oklahoma State Cowboys 3-0, beat Lamar 59-3, off
9    9. Louisville Cardinals 3-0, beat Kentucky 27-13, vs. FIU
10 10. UCLA Bruins 2-0, Beat #15 Nebraska 41-21, vs. NMState
11 11. Florida State Seminoles 2-0,  beat Nevada 62-7, vs. Bethune-Cookman
12 12. Miami Hurricanes 2-0, off, vs. Savannah State
13 13. South Carolina Gamecocks 2-1, Beat Vanderbilt 35-25, off
14 14. Oklahoma Sooners 3-0, beat Tulsa 51-20
17 15. Texas A&M Aggies 2-1, lost to #1 Alabama 42-49, vs. SMU
16 16. Arizona State Sun Devils, 2-0, beat #30 Wisconsin 32-30, @#6 Stanford
18 17. Florida Gators 1-1, off, vs. Tennessee
20 18. Ole Miss Rebels 3-0, Beat Texas 44-23, off
21 19. Michigan Wolverines, 3-0, Beat Akron 28-24, @UConn
22 20. Northwestern Wildcats 3-0, beat WMich 38-17, Maine
23 21. Fresno State Bulldogs 2-0, Colo game postponed due to crazy flooding, vs. Boise State
24 22. Baylor Bears 2-0, off, UL-Monroe
27 23. UCF Golden Knights 3-0, beat #19 Penn Statre 34-31, off
NR24. Texas Tech Red Raiders 3-0, beat #30 TCU 20-10, vs. Texas State
NR25. Auburn Tigers 3-0, beat Miss St 24-20, @#5 LSU
NR26. Washington Huskies, 2-0, off, vs. Idaho State
19 27. Penn State Nittany Lions 2-1, lost to #27 UCF 31-34, vs. Kent State
NR28. Maryland Terrapins 3-0, beat UConn 32-21, vs. West Virginia
NR29. Michigan State Spartans 3-0, beat Youngstown St. 55-17, @Notre Dame
29 30. Wisconsin Badgers 2-1, lost to  #16 ASU 30-32, vs. Purdue



East                     Southeast       Midwest      SouthWest      West
1.Louis-9             1.Alab-1        1.OhioSt-2   1.LSU-5           1.Oreg-4
2. PennSt-27       2.Clem-3       2. Neb-15     2.OkSt-8         2.Stanf-6
3.Mary-28           3.Geo-7          3.Mich-19    3.OU-14         3. UCLA-10
4.VaTech(2-1)    4.FSU-11       4.NW-20       4.TA&M-15    4. ASU-16
5. Tenn(2-1)      5.Mia-12        5.MSU-28     5.Bay-22        5. FresnoSt-21
6. Navy(2-0)      6.SCar-13      6.WIS-30       6. TT-24          6.Wash-26
7. WVir(2-1)      7.FL-17         7.NIU(2-0)     7. TT(2-0)         7. Ariz(2-0)
8. NCSt(2-0)      8.OleM-18    8.Minn(3-0)    8. UH (2-0)      8. BYU(1-1)
9. UNC(1-1)     9.UCF-23        9.ND(2-1)       9.Rice(1-1)    9. SJSt(1-1)
10. EC(2-1)      10.Aub-25     10.Neb(2-1)   10.TCU(1-2) 10. BoiseSt(2-1)


* I know what your thinking. #1Bama is playing ColoState, #2OhioState is playing Florida A&M, #7 Georgia is playing NorthTexas, #9 Louisville has FIU, #19 Michigan is playing UConn, or Miami is playing Savannah State, and Oregon,Oklahoma State, South Carolina, and Ole Miss are off. So there must be no good games this week. Here's where you would be wrong.

#3 Clemson Tigers (2-0) at NC State Wolfpack (2-0) = This is an upset alert. I am not saying State will win, but this is a major trap game. Just ask FSU last year in this very spot. This is also a Thursday night game, so take the time to get to know the Tigers, they could very well be playing for it all by the end of the season. MY PREDICTION: Clemson 38 NCState 21

#16 Arizona State Sun Devils (2-0 at #6 Stanford Cardinals (2-0) = ASU is coming off one of the craziest endings i've ever seen as the refs refused to allow Wisconsin to spike the ball to set up a game winning field goal against them. Stanford is coming off getting more than they expected by a pesky Army team. ASU has a lot of talent, and the kind've offense that can make things interesting. But Stanford knows how to play solid old school football. MY PREDICTION: Stanford 29 ASU 25

Tennessee Volunteers(2-1) at #17 Florida Gators(1-1) = This is still a major rivalry, and my heat up as soon as Butch starts working his magic, even if that may take some time. But expect Tennessee to show up for this game. The Gators are no Oregon. MY PREDICTON: Florida 27 Tenn 24

Boise State Broncos (2-1) at #21 Fresno State Bulldogs(2-0) = Fresno is fresh off a postponed game at Colorado after all that horrific flooding. Boise is fresh off giving a smack down on AF, in an effort to prove they are still worthy. But i'm gonna have to side with my guy Carr. MY PREDICTION: Fresno State 45 Boise St 41

West Virginia Mountaineers (2-1) at #27 Maryland Terapins (3-0) = This is shaping up to be a decent matchup for once. With WVir working on building momentum under new QB heading into Big 12 play, and Maryland trying to stay undefeated this could actually be a good one. With both teams doing the No Huddle well i wonder how many plays could happen in this game. MY PREDICTION: Maryland 59 WVir 56

Kansas State Wildcats(2-1) at Texas Longhorns (1-2) = No, nope this is not a top matchup. How bad do you have to feel if your ABC having this stinker follow that match up from the week before with the stinker of Purdue/ND. I'm curious about this game, because who knows who could be fired this week in Austin. Major or as some fans are calling him Private Applewhite is now under fire for his poor playcalling. I don't expect the Longhorns to make a move, but this should force him to open up the offense more. State is still realing from the upset by North Dakota St. In the end no matter the records, the Wildcats under Synder have owned Texas. So this should be now different. MY PREDICTION: KSU 44 Texas 27

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