Football map

Football map

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well lets see how i did

1) Oklahoma State Cowboys 8-1 12-1, (6-3, 9-3, 3rd), (+2, +3)only one real stumble on the road to a lowly Iowa State team on the same weekend as the tragic plane crash that stunned the school. Should have played LSU or Alabama for the National Title. Or at least been able to play Alabama after their semifinal games. Really about as good as I thought and filled the vacuum left by OU and A&M’s stumbles. One of the truly nastiest offenses who could score at any moment.
2) Kansas State Wildcats7-2 10-3 ,(6-3, 8-4, 4th) (+1, +2)Surpassed even my high expectations with the Tebowesk play of Colin Klein. KSU looks to be back where they were overnight, must feel like the 90's all over again. Look for them to be in the hunt next year.
3) Baylor Bears 6-3 10-3 , (3-6, 5-7, 8th) (+3, +5)I was wrong only in that I didn’t know that Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III could put a team on his back like this, and well who knew about their stable of running backs that can and did run all over anyone they felt like. Griffin is the first Heisman winner in a long time who I think actually was the most important reason for their teams success. I truly believe if he was at Texas they would have played LSU for the national title.
3) Oklahoma Sooners 6-3 10-3 , (9-0, 12-0 1st), (-3, -2), the only thing holding Oklahoma back was the almost fatal injures they had losing early season surprise running back Dominque Whaley, and the NCAA record holding Wide Receiver Ryan Broyles. Well that’s not true preseason all Big 12 quarterback Landry Jones proved that with protection he’s good, without he’s horrible.
5) Missouri Tigers 5-4 8-5 (5-4, 8-4 6th), (close enough lol) At times Missouri played like a team on a mission, at times they played like a team that wanted to be anywhere but the playing field. Plus they got each teams best each week as they made their way out of the conference.
6) Texas Longhorns 4-5 8-5 (6-3, 8-4), (-2, close enough) This team is a national championship contender who has had a giagantic hole at quarterback. From sticking with the wrong one no matter what to pulling and yanking back and forth till no one has any continuity. This team proved how vital the role of field general the quarterback position is to a college football team.
6) Texas A&M Aggies 4-5 7-6 (8-1, 11-1 2nd), (-4, -4) Never before have a seen a team so good blow so many leads late in the game. No one seemed to be able to put a finger on it. Well the AD did firing Sherman at the end of the year as the rest of the Big 12 laughed the Aggies into the SEC.
8) Iowa State Cyclones 3-6 6-7 (0-9, 1-11 10th),(+3, +6) A real surprise team who never game up, and played well above their talent. Even upset their instate rival Iowa this year. Congrats
9)Texas Tech Red Raiders 2-7 5-7 (3-6, 6-6 7th),(-1, -1) Do you miss Mike Leach yet? Will the fan base forgive the administration if Tech fans are watching Leach and Washington State play in a bowl game next year???
10) Kansas Jayhawks 0-9 2-10 (1-8, 3-9),(-1, -1) Every conference needs a doormat to kick on their way into the house. For as good as this school is in basketball every year is as bad as they were in football this year. As such Turner Gill is looking for work and Charlie Weiss got another chance.

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