Football map

Football map

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Big 12 2011 Predictions

1) Oklahoma Sooners 9-0, 12-0
2) Texas A&M Aggies 8-1, 11-1
3) Oklahoma State Cowboys 6-3, 9-3
3) Kansas State Wildcats 6-3, 8-4
3) Texas Longhorns 6-3, 8-4
6) Missouri Tigers 5-4, 8-4
7) Texas Tech Red Raiders, 3-6, 6-6
8) Baylor Bears 3-6, 5-7
9) Kansas Jayhawks 1-8, 3-9
10) Iowa State Cyclones 0-9, 1-11

All Big 12(1st,2nd,3rd Teams)
QB-Landry Jones, OU/ Brandon Weeden, Ok State/ Ryan Tannehill, A&M
RB-Cyrus Gray, A&M/ Christine Michael, A&M/ Bryce Brown KSU
RB- Malcolm Brown, UT/ Brandon Williams, OU/ Eric Stephens TT
WR-Justin Blackmon Ok State/Kenny Stills OU/ Kendall Wright, Bay
WR-Ryan Broyles, OU/ Mike Davis, UT/ Marquis Goodwin, UT
WR-TJ Moe, Mizzo/ Jeff Fuller, A&M/ Uzoma Nwachukwu A&M
TE-Michael Egnew, Mizzo/ Nehemiah Hicks A&M/ James Hanna OU
OT-Levy Adcock Ok State/ Mickey Okafor TT/ Kelechi Osemele Iowas State
OT-Luke Joeckel A&M/ Jake Mathews A&M/ Dan Hoch, Mizzo
OG-Lane Taylor Ok State/ Gabe Ikard OU/ Robert T Griffen, Bay
OG-Lonnie Edwards TT/ Mason Walters UT/ Jonathan Rush Ok State
OC-David Snow UT/ Ben Habern OU/ Patrick Lewis A&M
DE-Ronnell Lewis, OU/ Brad Madison, Mizzo/ DaMontre Moore A&M(joker 3-4)
DE-Alex Okafor UT/ Frank Alexander, OU/ Jackson Jeffcoat UT
DT-Kheeston Randall UT/ JaMarkus McFarland OU/ Ray Kibble KSU/
DT-Tony Jerod-Eddie A&M(DE 3-4)/ Stephen Ruempolhamer Iowa State/ Terrell Resonno Mizzo
LB-Keenan Robinson UT/ Arthur Brown KSU/ Sean Porter A&M 
LB-Travis Lewis OU/ Garrick Williams A&M/ AJ Klein Iowa State
LB-Emmanuel Acho UT/ Jordan Hicks UT/ Shaun Lewis Ok State
CB-Coryell Judie A&M/ Jamell Flemming, OU/ Terrence Frederick A&M
CB-DeMontre Hurst OU/ David Garrett KSU/ Broderick Brown, Ok State
S- Blake Gideon UT/ Ty Zimmerman KSU/ Aaron Colvin OU/
S- Markelle Martin, Ok State/ Tyson Hartman KSU/ Trent Hunter, A&M
Special Teams
K-Justin Tucker UT/ Jimmy Stevens OU/ Grant Ressel Mizzo
P-Quinn Sharp, Ok State/ Kirby Van Der Kamp Iowa State/ Tress Way OU
KR- Justin Gilbert, Ok State/ Coryell Judie A&M/ DJ Monroe UT
PR- Ryan Broyles, OU/ Josh Lenz Iowa State/  Josh Cooper Ok State

Top Newcomers to watch-Justin Tuggle, QB, KSU, Jr, 6-3, 227/ James Franklin, QB, Mizzo, So, 6-2, 225/ Johnny Manziel, QB, A&M, Fr, 6-1, 180 (Wildcat)/ Steele Jantz, QB, Iowa State, Jr, 6-3, 216/ Malcolm Brown, RB, UT, Fr, 6-0, 220, 4.4/ Brandon Williams, RB, OU, Fr, 5-11, 190, 4.3/ Herschel Sims, RB, Ok State, Fr, 5-8, 190, 4.3/ Kenny Williams, RB, TT, Fr/ Trey Metoyer, WR, OU, Fr/ Jaxson Shipley, WR, UT, Fr/ Jace Amaro, TE, TT, Fr/ MJ McFarland, TE, UT, Fr/ Sedrick Flowers, OG, UT, Fr/ Meshak Williams, DE, KSU, Jr, 6-3, 231/ Jordan Phillips, DL, OU, Fr/ Marquis Anderson, DL, OU/ Quincey Russell, DT, UT, Fr/ LeMarc Stranhan, DT, A&M, So, 6-4, 365/ Quandre Diggs, CB, UT, Fr(Quentin Jammers cousin)/

1) Oklahoma Sooners- They have everything they need to win every game and carry off the BCS National Title this year. Offensively everything is peaking, and they should be able to put up numbers similar to the Bradford years. There schedule is very nice as well with only road test against Florida State, Oklahoma State and Texas in Dallas. The defense could hold them back with them not being as strong as their power years at the middle of the DL. We will see how bad the death of LB Austin Box effects them. Some teams pull together and play harder
2) Texas A&M Aggies-They have recruited well with the talented state of Texas and the fruit is starting to rippen. If they can upset OU I look for them to play for a national title instead of them. But more than likely they will be playing in a BCS. The Nov 5 game in College Station will be the Big 12 title game this year. Ryan Tannehill must have learned alot about playing QB from playing WR, because ever since they made the change he has gone off. Gray and Michaels remind me of a stables ready for the Kentucky Derby. The biggest loss will be Von Miller who was drafted #2 overall by Denver. The team is solid and ready. Will they let loose and win it all, remains to be seen. They do have a tendency to play down to the level of lesser teams.
3) Oklahoma State Cowboys-The offense is destructive, and can score at will. There are two things keeping them from a BCS game a defense that can shut down teams when it needs too, and a very difficult schedule. The have road games against A&M, Texas, Missouri, and upset minded TT. I look for a Cotton Bowl berth for them. If they had a more favorable schedule they might challenge.
4) Kansas State Wildcats-All in all this team is only average, with a lot of new JUCO faces. But that's what works for return coach Bill Snyder. Keep in mind that his team have always given people trouble even when they weren't that good, and they have owned Texas since the Big 12 started.
5) Texas Longhorns-The biggest question will be at quarterback with Garrett Gilbert getting his second year at trying to hold on to the reigns from under center. He is a quarter back built for the shotgun since he's only played that since he was a kid, and not under center. If he can learn how to do it, then the sky is the limit. But i look for him to struggle a bit, and maybe catch on later in the season. If not the real McCoy may step up. Malcolm Brown should see a little bit of playing time until after the OU game before he starts going off, in the mold of Cedric Benson and Ricky Williams. The Defense will have a new wrinkle attacking zone blitz scheme that may remind some of Rex Ryan and the Jets.
6) Missouri Tigers-This is a good team, and one that is better than 6th in the Big 12. But teams due tend to struggle when they lose a quarterback in the first round. James Franklin is the new kid. But he's not so new to Tiger fans as he ran a lot of Wildcat formations for them last year. He may struggle in his passing game a little, but i expect this team to be a lot better at the end of the season then they started.
7) Texas Tech Red Raiders-Now in the second full year of coaching at Tech. Tuberville must continue to make the changes he wants, as the passing numbers drop and the rushing number rise. We will see how much patience his fans have. The offensive line is one of this teams strengths, and should continue to be able to do so. I look for Eric Stephens to be the first rb to go over a 1,000 in a while. Seth Doege will battle rFR-Scotty Young for the right to lead this team into the future. They are still a year or two away.
8) Baylor Bears-This year we will get to see if phenom Robert Griffin II can do everything. If he could play defense to fill all the holes they have then this might be a better team. A tough schedules says they aren't going bowling, and may be looking for a new coach unless the AD is tired of that. Well offensively they should be good, not great though.
9) Kansas Jayhawks-This is a very, very young team with a lot of growing pains still left in it. If the school can show some faith in Turner Gill then they should weather the storm and be good in a few years. But right now its like Necessary Roughness the movie. With a collection of who's that's going on right now.
10) Iowa State Cyclones-There were two really good players on Iowa State last year. Austen Arnaud QB, and Alexander Robinson RB, both are history and this team just stinks. Look for the punter to pull a hamstring, or get head exhaustion. There must win game will be against Northern Iowa because it will all be downhill after that.


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