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Football map

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Texas Longhorns-Post Spring Game Look at Depth Chart Possibles.

Quarterback-This could be the strength of the team, but that will be up to the coaching staff, and the player who is chosen to step forward. Right now its Gilbert, and as of yet he has not put together a good full game as a quarterback. McCoy waits for a chance to prove himself in a real game, as he did versus the first team defense in the spring game. Look for Wood to probably transfer during, or at the end of the season if he stays where he's at. He's got a lot of talent, and should be playing just about as much as the others. Ash is a quality leader who made a definite impact on the rest of the team during spring ball. It's not often that the name of a Freshman quarter back who wasn't a five star is on the lips of the rest of the team.
1. 7-Garrett Gilbert, 6-4 218 Jr., Austin, Texas (Lake Travis)
2. 6-Case McCoy, 6-2, 200, So, Graham, Texas
3. 5-Connor Wood, 6-4, 220, Fr-RS, Houston, Texas (2nd Baptist)
4. 14-David Ash, 6-3, 215, Fr, Belton, Texas

Runningback-This thing is wide freaking open. With the new OC wanting to run the ball the in a 50/50 style like he did at Boise State. Espect to see a lot of everyone. With the hot one getting the carries. I would say expect heralded Malcolm Brown to be the eventual starter, but he probably won't get there until mid season or later. If he's treated much like Cedric Benson was, where he didn't start until they lost to OU. If it was me, i would be working Brown, and redshirt Freshman Shead till there big legs were exhausted. Whitakker will be given the first chance to be the full time starter. Expect him to look great till he gets hurt. Hills is a quality kid more in line with the old offense then the new one. Monroe should play only as change of pace getting one or two carries a game for his explosion factor.
1. 2-Foswhitt Whitakker, 5-10, 198, Sr, Pearland, Texas
2. X-Malcolm Brown, 6-0, 220, Fr, Cibolo, Texas (Steele)
3. 25-Jeremy Hills, 6-0, 202, Jr, Alief, Texas (Elsik)
4. 32-Traylon Shead, 6-2, 220, Fr-RS, Cayuga, Texas
5. 26-DJ Monroe, 5-9, 175, Jr, Angleton, Texas

H-Back(Goal line back, Short Yardage, FB/TE)-This is the all around utility running back who could get several carries, or just be used on the goal line or in short yardage, or only as blockers. Look for Cody to get a lot of short yardage td's this year. Padget mainly as a blocker. Bergeron could be the next Ricky Williams, or he could also be the next Chris Whaley who never gets a chance.
1. 11-Cody Johnson, 5-11, 250, Sr, Waller, Texas
2. 45-Luke Padget, 6-1, 225, Sr, Bellville, Texas
3. X-Joe Bergeron, 6-1, 220, Fr, Mesquite, Texas (North)

Fullback-Roberson is a great blocking fullback who can also catch, and carry. He should be playing in the NFL in a year or two. Berryhill is of the same mold but not as polished. "MMMOOOOOOOSSEE!"
1. 30-Ryan Roberson, 5-10, 235, Jr, Brenham, Texas
2. 41-Jamison Berryhill, 5-11, 220. Jr, Odessa, Texas (Permian)

Wide Receiver-Another position that is really wide open. Davis, and Goodwin are the best, and should be the two main starters unless they fall or get beaten out. Jaxon Shipley is a serious talent and will spend the summer working out with his brother up in Cinn. Jordan maintains that Jaxon is more talented and faster than he was. Hales has quality, but the biggest question mark is Malcolm Williams. We all saw the guy who Colt found a couple of times as they came back against Tech, and we all saw what he's done since. He has all the talent to be a great wide out, but something is missing. White could be a stud as well. Timmons, and Jones are two unknowns who have a lot of talen. Mykkele Thompson could was a quarter back who projects as a possible wide out but he could be moved to defense full time. The rest is a wild west shootout.
1. 1-Mike Davis, 6-2, 186, So, Dallas, Texas (Skyline)
2. 84-Marquis Goodwin, 5-9, 177, Jr, Garland, Texas (Rowlett)
3.X-Jaxon Shipley, 6-1, 175, Fr, Brownwood, Texas
4. 3-DeSean Hales, 5-11, 170, Klein, Texas (Oak)
5. 9-Malcolm Williams, 6-3, 238, Sr, Garland, Texas
6. 4-Darius White, 6-3, 200, So, Fort Worth (Dunbar)
7. 81-Greg Timmons, 6-3, 205, So, Aldine, Texas (Eisenhower)
8. 17-Chris Jones, 6-0, 160, Fr-RS, Dangerfield, Texas
9. X-Mykkele Thompson, 6-3, 182, Fr, San Antonio, Texas (Stevens)
10. X-Miles Onyegbule, 6-4, 206, Fr, Arlington, Texas
11. 87-Patrick McNamara, 6-4, 210, Jr, Lubbock, Texas (Monterey)
12. 86-Cade McCrary, 6-4, 215, So, Austin, Texas (Lake Travis)
13. 13-John Harris, 6-3, 206, Fr-RS, Garland, Texas (Naaman Forest)

Tight End-Look for this position to be used a lot more than in the past. Irby was on the verge of being one of the great Tight Ends in Texas or NCAA history. Then the disasterous injury against Rice. I remember watching it a couple of times. Each time i was physically ill. This is his last chance. Barrett Matthew is a good blocker but a horrible receiever. DJ Grant is another phyically gifted receiver who has had a lot of injuries. Howard, and Jones are solid blockers, but less on the Receiving point. I really look for MJ McFarland to not this year, but maybe the next to be an All-American. Solid hands, and blocking mixed in with that 6-6 size.
1. 19-Blaine Irby, 6-3, 237, Sr, Camarillo, California (St. Bonaventure)
2. 89-Barrett Mathews, 6-2, 235, Jr, Galena Park, Texas (North Shore)
3. 18-DJ Grant, 6-4, 230, Jr, Austin, Texas (LBJ)
4. 85-Ahmard Howard, 6-4, 250, Sr, Brenham, Texas
5. 87-Dominque Jones, 6-3, 240, So, Kilgore, Texas
6. 88-MJ McFarland, 6-6, 245, Fr, El Paso, Texas (El Dorado)

Tackle-The weakiest point of the team so far. Lack of depth, mixed with a lack of experience and no studs who have stepped forward yet. I like Greenlea to possibly challege for playing time. With a year in the weight room he could be a real good one. It's time for Poehlmann, and Buchanan to become the players they were given scholarships for. Look for Kelly to challenge for time if they don't.
1. 77-Luke Poehlmann, 6-7, 290, Jr, Brenham, Texas (Probable Left Tackle)
2. 54-Mark Buchanan, 6-6, 305, Jr, Austin, Texas (Probable Right Tackle)
3. 70-Paden Kelly, 6-7, 305, So, Austin, Texas (Lake Travis)
4. X-Garrett Greenlea, 6-7, 300, Fr, Klein, Texas (Collins)

Guard-Allen was once the number one lineman coming out of college. But a slow start, and injuries have derailed what could have been a great lineman. But its my hope that this year he will shine. Walters, Hopkins, and Ashcroft have all played a lot of quality time and have a lot of experience. I think guard is fairly solid barring injuries.
1. 56-Trey Allen, 6-4, 310, Sr, Grand Praire, Texas (South)
2. 72-Mason Walters, 6-6, 305, So, Wolford, Texas (Frenship)
3. 75-Trey Hopkins, 6-4, 290, So, Galena Park (North Shore)
4. 79-Thomas Ashcroft, 6-5, 310, So, Cedar Hill, Texas

Center-If any NFL GM is smart they will draft David Snow. He can play center, guard or tackle. He is the best offensive lineman Texas has. Porter is almost as multi facit as Snow. Look for Espinosa to eventually take over the position in a year or too and not give it back.
1. 78-David Snow, 6-4, 295, Sr, Gilmer, Texas
2. 73-Garrett Porter, 6-6, 305, So, Odessa, Texas (Permian)
3. 55-Dominic Espinosa, 6-4, 295, Fr-RS, Cedar Park, Texas

Defensive End-By and far the most talented positon on the team. They have a serious rotation. Okafor is solid against the run and pass, and just needs the tackles to step up to give him more space. Jeffcoat will eventually be a lottery pick, is a pass rushing demon. Wilson is a freak who had 3 sacks in the spring game. Johnson is a question mark because he is more of a outside linebacker. Whaley hopes to revitalize his career much the way Henry Melton did and Daniels could be a tackle by the end of things.
1. 80-Alex Okafor, 6-5, 260, Jr, Pflugerville, Texas
2. 44-Jackson Jeffcoat, 6-5, 253, So, Plano, Texas (West)
3. 92-Reggie Wilson, 6-3, 252, So, Haltom, Texas
4. 9-Dravantti Johnson, 6-2, 235, Jr, Neaderland, Texas
5. 96-Chris Whaley, 6-3, 250, So, Madisonville, Texas
6. 95-Greg Daniels, 6-5, 270, Fr-RS, Houston, Texas (St. Pius)

Defensive Tackle- This could be another strength but someone besides Randle needs to step up. Howell should be the number two. But the rest is a wide open shoot. Bible, Dorsey, Cotton, Russell, and Jackson are all very talented rookies where all highly rated and need to prove that the 4 and 5 stars were right. Martinez is a hard working walkon who could see some time if no one steps up.
1. 91-Kheeston Randle, 6-5, 300, Sr, Beaumont, Texas (Kelly)
2. 90-Calvin Howell, 6-4, 290, So, San Antonio, Texas (Warren)
3. 94-Taylor Bible, 6-3, 310, Fr-RS, Denton, Texas (Guyer)
4. 85-Ashton Dorsey, 6-2, 295, So, Tyler, Texas (John Tyler)
5. 89-De’Aires Cotton, 6-4, 295, Fr-RS, Alief, Texas (Taylor)
6. X-Quincy Russell, 6-3, 289, Fr, San Antonio, Texas (Sam Houston)
7. X-Desmond Jackson, 6-1, 285, Fr, Houston, Texas (Westfield)
8. 52-Luciano Martinez, 5-11, 280, Sr, Monterrey, Mexico (La Joya)

Outside Linebackers- Another strength of the team. Acho is smart, quick, a leader, and hard hitting. Hicks is the next Derrick Johnson, and showed flashes of it as a freshman. He's only going to get better. The backup are a crap shoot.
1. 18-Emmanuel Acho, 6-2, 240, Sr, Dallas, Texas (St. Marks)
2. 3-Jordan Hicks, 6-2, 228, So, West Chester, Ohio (Lakota West)
3. 13-Chet Moss, 6-2, 235, Fr, Cedar Park, Texas
4. 15-DeMarco Cobb, 6-2, 215, So, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa Central)
5. 32-Patrick Nkwopara, 5-11, 218, So, Grand Praire (South)

Middle Linebackers-Robinson has been one of the most solid defense players over the last few years. Benson is a youngster who could see time at outside as well.
1. 1-Keenan Robinson, 6-3, 235, Sr, Plano, Texas (East)
2. 5-Aaron Benson, 6-2, 230, Fr-RS, Cedar Hill, Texas

Cornerback-Right now this is a weak position. But only because of its age. There is a lot of talent. Quentin Jammers nephew Diggs showed in the spring game that even as a true freshman he is the best of the lot. Byndom and White should fight over the next positon with the other being the nickle. Turner should also see time in the mix. He is another talented true, who chose Texas over his home early. Evans and Scott could see time due to injuries or poor play.
1. 28-Quandre Diggs, 5-10, 192, Fr, Angleton, Texas
2. 23-Carrington Byndom, 6-0, 175, So, Lufkin, Texas
3, 7-AJ White, 6-0, 175, So, DeSoto, Texas
4. 4-Eryon Barnett, 6-2, 195, So, Euless, Texas (Trinity)
5. X-Josh Turner, 6-0, 175, Fr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Millwood)
6. X-Sherrod Evans, 6-1, 185, Fr, Sugarland, Texas (Dulles)
7. X-Leroy Scott, 5-10, 190, Fr, Pasadena, Texas (South Houston)

Safties-A strength of the team. Blake Gideon may be know forever as the guy who dropped the int versus Texas Tech. But he has never let it beat him down. He is a solid cover and hitter, who should be playing on Sundays next year. Scott brings the power to all his hits, and reminds me of Ronnie Lott when it comes to abusing people with the ball. Vaccaro could beat him out though due to his smart play that has impressed the new defensive coaches. Brewster is one of the better backups in the country and could be starting for a lot of other teams. Jackson, Phillips, and Boyer are the future of the team and should see time resting the starters.
1. 21-Blake Gideon, 6-1, 205, Sr, Leander, Texas
2. 6-Christian Scott, 6-1, 217, Sr, Dallas, Texas (Skyline)
3. 8-Kenny Vaccaro, 6-1, 214, Jr, Brownwood, Texas (Early)
4. 2-Nolan Brewster, 6-2, 205, Jr., Denver, Colo (Mullen)
5. 27-Bryant Jackson, 6-2, 191, Fr-RS, Sulphur Springs, Texas
6. 17-Adrian Phillips, 5-11, 200, So, Garland, Texas
7. 37-Nate Boyer, 5-11, 188, Fr-RS, Dublin, California (Valley Christian)

Kicker-Tucker is solid and clutch with a long leg, that fans like. Russ i believe hold the HS record for the longest field goal made 67 or something like it. Both are consistant.
1. 19-Justin Tucker, 6-1,185, Sr, Austin, Texas (Westlake)
2. 14-William Russ, 6-4, 193, Fr-RS, Shreveport, Louisiana (Evangel Christian)

Punter-for Russ see Kicker, Tucker will probably see time as the backup as well. Ash will only play if he doesn't get redshirted. Ash was a punter at Belton and adds the ability to run or pass on a punt that scares defenses.
1. 14-William Russ, 6-4, 193, Fr-RS, Shreveport, Louisiana (Evangel Christian)
2. 14-David Ash, 6-3, 215, Fr, Belton, Texas

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