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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Talk about Possible Free Agents for the NFL-Offense

Here's my list of the Best that's out there at each position. (Noting that they may not be able to sign, so this is totally unofficial) *These are in no particular order*

Quarterback-The leader of any team, so its important to have quality backups too, just ask Dallas

1. Marc Bulger, St.Louis,Baltimore-Once a quality starter who lost his edge and basically had to turn in his wings. But this is a high quality backup for any team. This guy reminds me of a lower quality Kurt Warner. A real slinger, who got David Carred a lot till he broke.

2. Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle-Once one of the better quarterbacks in the league, but age has taken its toll on him. He's still got starter material in him. He's a great pickup for Carolina, San Fran or another team who wants their very young high draft pick to sit a while and learn under a veteran. Also a high quality backup who would fit in Dallas or someone else who's willing to pay for the insurance.

3. Micheal Vick,Phil and Peyton Manning, Ind- Don't expect them to go anywhere. I expect the National Guard to be involved if they try.

4. Alex Smith, SF- Might have been a good quarterback if given the chance too. Was under way to much pressure for his ability. Former number one overall who proved he was really a third or fourth round pick. Has showed signs of improvement. But it was tough playing without a deep ball, an offensive line, and on a team that changes OC's every year. Backup material, or starter in a Hasselbeck situation.

5. Vince Young, Tenn-though unreleased, he's done in Nashville. Has all the talent god ever gave to any individual. Could be Vick with a better arm, or he could spend his career watching games on tv. The whole thing is now on him. I was hoping he would end up in SF, or in a situation like it where he could eventually work hard and gain the nod. I still believe in him, never will doubt him. Did i mention i am a Texas fan. Just ask USC, or a few NFL teams like the Arizonia Cardinals if they doubt his ability to will a team to victory.

6. Chris Simms, TB,Tenn-Had a chance to be a real starter in TB until the ruptured spleen. The doctors had to rib open his chest to save him. He lost a lot of arm strength and flexibility because of the stomach and chest muscles that were damaged in the event. Will make a quality back up if given the opportunity.

7. Matt Leinhart, Ariz,Hou-Has never proved himself to be a starter on the field, but hasn't really had the chance. There are a lot of quarterbacks who would have lost out on the position to Kurt Warner. Is a West Coast kind of quarterback if given the opportunity. Should find himself as a quality backup.

Running Back

1. Cedric Benson, Cinn.-Part of me hopes he signs again with Cinn. The team that gave him a chance, where his has shined with rugged yards, and quality catches out of the backfield. But there are rumors about him going just about anywhere but Chicago lol.

2. Ricky Williams, Mia-Probably the greatest running back i have ever seen live. What's weird is the his age is not indictitive of how good he is. He spent many years not playing, and if his head is right he could be a quality starter for any team who promises not to ground him into the ground like Dave Wannstat

3. Ronnie Brown, Mia-Note i expect Miami to sign him or Williams, not really sure. A lot of his stats where elevated by the wildcat offense. Especially his td numbers since he usually decided to keep the ball near the goaline. Never really like him all that much, because he just wasn't as good as he believes he is. But could be a great starter for many teams. That is if he is willing to put his ego in check and play within himself.

4. Darren Sproles, SD- Honestly any team that signs this guy is a smart team. He can be a great 3rd down back, great on special teams, and the price tag isn't as high as Reggie Bush's will probably be. Is a hard worker who could go several games playing all downs if main back in injured. He's so small and makes a habit out of not taking the big hit.

5. Reggie Bush, NO-officially still a Saint. But rumor is he is gone, and even said so in a tweet. Versitile, great hands, great returner everything you could ever want in a running back but the ability to play every down.

Wide Receivers

1. Randy Moss, Minn,NE,Tenn-Is a great Receiver, a game changer. But always seems to carry a cloud to rain on him with him. Price tag shouldn't be too high.

2. Terrell Owens, Cinn-see Randy Moss. But then add that he works like most men are afraid too. I honestly think if he had to do it all again he would have played quarterback, and been a lot happier getting the ball that much. :) Think back a few years ago. If someone told you that you could have Moss, and Owens on your team cheap. You would have freaked out.

3. Braylon Edwards, Cleve,NYJ- A Micheal Irvin style WR who can also stretch the field. Comes with the baggage of all great WR's it seems. But is the youngest of the group. Should stay in NY if he can, that is if he wants some rings.

4. Vincent Jackson, SD-Expect a lot of teams to go after him. If nothing else to hurt SD. When's on so are they, when's he off the field so are they it seams.

Tight Ends

1. Randy McMicheal, Mia,SD-Thought of as a great TE coming out of College who really hasn't lived up to the hype. But is a decent quality TE who can run block which is very important

Offensive Line

1. Khalif Barnes, LT, Oak-Has a lot of talent, and could have been the anchor many times. But has been injured so many times, he probably will get a speed pass to any local hospital in your area.

2. Jammal Brown, RT, NO, Wash-Talented run blocker, who can protect as well. Not that old yet, and has a lot of skills that could make him very wanted

3. Ray Willis, T, Seattle- Is a very versitile offensive lineman. Still in his prime and can and has played all positions on the line. Originally drafted as a center i believe. A great pickup for any team

4. Logan Mankins, G, NE-Don't expect him to go anywhere if Tom Brady has anything to say. A total stud at guard. Probably will be the most popular lineman at the prom this year.

5. Alan Faneca, G, Pitt,Ariz-One of the premier guards of the NFL for many season. But age has finally caught up with him. But if he wills it, and has gas in the tank. Could play a few more quality years.

6. Robert Gallery, G/T, Oak-Was a very high draft pick who reminded me of Tony Mandarich as far as living up to his expectations. Very tall with long arms, who just didn't have the quick feet to protect the blind side at LT. But could play guard or right tackle for many teams.

7. Chris Spencer, C, Seattle- Though it looks like the enitre Seahawk offensive line is up for sale, this might be the best. He is an all around beast at center. One of the hardest positions to master. He is also still young for the NFL and should have all the teams looking hard at him for the answer to their offensive line wooes

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