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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The San Antonio Spurs. Are they really that bad?

     After the Memphis series ended so quickly, and poorly most people here hit the panic button. They have been talking for the last week or so about should they blow up the whole team or not. I want to put my two cents in on this. 1. Memphis was just the hotter team, i can't remember their record. But i saw somewhere that they had the best record in the NBA over the last 40 games or so. I could be wrong, they might have had the second best record. But that's besides the point. Granted Memphis is a much younger team than San Antonio, but so is Oklahoma City. Look what they are doing to Kevin Durant and company. Honestly it wouldn't shock me if they finished off the Thunder, beat the Mav's and then probably lost to the Heat or something. That will make me totally sick, because I am not a Lebron fan after the way the snubbed his nose at Cleveland on national tv like that. 2. This same old, and broken team aka the San Antonio Spurs had the best record in the NBA. 3. The Spurs slumped at the weirdest team. Usually near the end of the season they are on a tear, having jumped back up from 4th or 5th all the way up to the two or one seed. But this year they started out hot, and really had that bad slump at the end of the year.

        All in all i'm saying maybe it aint broken. Granted we could seriously use a good quality YOUNG big man who isn't going to play four years in Europe first. It is also time to start moving a few things around to try and get younger. I believe Timmy will come back another year or two. But they are going to need to spell him more than they did. The wheels aren't falling off, but they are starting to bald. Please let me know what you think, any and all non vulgar comments will be posted. Thanks.

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