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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Grade do you give the Cowboys Draft?

1(9) Tyron Smith, OT, USC, 6-5, 307 (My Grade A)- The boys needed at serious pass blocking offensive tackle. So they drafted a guy with quick feet. Note, this is the first offensive lineman taken in the 1st round by the Cowboys since Tom Landry was coach. That should tell you all you need to know on the line troubles.

2() Bruce Carter, LB, North Carolina, 6-2, 245, 4.57 (My Grade B)-Excellent Athelete, but he comes with some serious buts. One he missed just about all of last year with a big knee injury. Two He will have to make the change from outside linebacker in a 4-3 to inside linebacker in the 3-4. People have struggled with this role before, (Just ask Derrick Johnson, KC).We all know he isn't going to play much this year. He will be a great backup.

3() DeMarco Murray, HB, OU, 6-0, 213, 4.37 (My Grade C-)- Don't get me wrong as a Longhorn fan i know all about this guy. I was totally pleased that he finally graduated. But don't we already have this same guy, well sort of. Felix Jones. How many Reggie Bush type running backs can we fit on the team. If they went here they needed an everydown guy who could replace Barber. Or maybe trade for Ricky Williams, sign a running back in the free agent season. (If there ever is one). On just about any other team Murray is a B or even A pick, but for Dallas this is just confusing.

4() David Arkin, OG, SW Missouri St., 6-5, 305 (My Grade A+)- Wow you say how can they get that high of a score in the 4th. Well this guy might be the guard steal of the draft. This guy is know as a seriously hard working guy who can pass block. I have heard several guru's mention that this was their sleeper on the offensive line. Well the boys got him in the fourth so that's an A+

5() Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo, 5-10, 191, 4.4 (My Grade A-). The grade is a lot higher due to the need at the position. Terence Newman is on his last legs, and the other guy is a head case. Another thing to mention is that this guy is quick, can change his pace fast, and played a lot of zone. I do believe that the new DC Ryan uses a lot of zone blitzes. If he uses a lot of zone this guy could be the steal of the draft. But i kind've wish they drafted someone else too a little higher. But Who know's maybe this guy will be skipping the Pro Bowl because he has to practice for the Super Bowl one day. Gotta hope.

6() Dwayne Harris, WR,East Carolina, 5-10, 203, 4.53 (My Grade B+). I am not basing this grade as much on need, as what style of player he is. The Cowboys like that short quick route passing. This guy could become the slot guy who could maybe turn into the Jordan Shipley of the Cowboys, or disappear. In the 5th round its not much of a stretch to go for a solid quick slot guy. Some have questioned his hands, but they seemed good enough to be Voted the Most Valuable Player of Conf USA by the Coaches.

7() Shaun Chapas, FB/TE, Georgia, 6-2, 247 (My Grade D/B). Don't get me wrong i really like this guy. I've seen him play and he gives it his all. He's quick, and can catch. But if they are planning on using him as the replacement at Fullback then its a bad pick if we are going to run the ball much. But if he is used on passing situations as an H-Back, or on the line as a TE then this is a great pickup especially in the 7th. Maybe I'm wrong and he's an everydown blocker?

7() Bill Nagy, C, Wisconsin (My Grade C+), 6-3, 318 Don't know much about this guy other than he can play center or guard which is a plus. I believe he has only a couple of games of center under his belt, the rest at guard, but thats more than most, and makes him versatile. He comes from Wisconsin which is smash mouth run over your mother to the endzone which i love in an offensive lineman. So this could be a good pickup or not. Just the kind of chance you take in the 7th round. Though he did sit out most of 2009 with injury.

All in All I give them a Solid B. Nothing too flashy like Dez Bryant, but a lot of bulk. The addressed a major concern with the offensive line. Now all that's really left is Cornerback. Maybe The older guys will step up, Maybe it will be Thomas. Rumor mill has the the Boys really going hard after Nnamdi Asomugha from Oakland which would be a serious step up. He does have experience with Rex Ryan. But he will probably want 12 billion dollars so that's the downside.

As always let me know what you think.


  1. I say it went just as most Cowboys fans thought. I do question the Demarco Murray pick. Does it signify the end of Marion Barber in Big D? If that was the reason for picking up Murray than I have no problem with it. Murray does have a history of being injury proned which does worry me. Nice blog, keep up the good work bro.

  2. Nice draft for the boys about what i expected except for the Demarco Murray pick. If they are getting rid of Marion Barber i can understand but Murray was injury prone at Oklahoma so we'll have to see how that works out. If your by a computer tomorrow check out my online show on Blog talk radio @ The sportaholic radio show. Maybe you can call in and we can talk some Texas area football. Peace

  3. I do love the way Barber blocks on passes. But that's it. He used to the the closer. Bring him in like Mariano Rivera and pound the ball till the game is over. But now he looks like he's done, or need to be with another team.