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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dallas Cowboys End of the Season Review



Sept 5      @ NY Giants 24-17           (1-0)
Sept 16    @ Seattle 7-27                 (1-1)
Sept 2       Tampa Bay 16-10           (2-1)
Oct 1        Chicago 18-34                 (2-2)
Oct 14      @ Baltimore 29-31          (2-3)
Oct 21      @ Carolina 19-14            (3-3)
Oct 28      NY Giants 24-29               (3-4)
Nov 4       @ Atlanta 13-19               (3-5)
Nov 11     @ Philadelphia 38-23      (4-5)
Nov 18     Cleveland 23-20 OT          (5-5)
Nov 22     Washington 31-38             (5-6)
Dec 2        Philadelphia 38-22         (6-6)
Dec 9        @ Cincinnati 20-19         (7-6)
Dec 16      Pittsburgh 27-24 OT         (8-6)
Dec 23      N.Orleans 31-34OT          (8-7)
Dec 30      @ Washington 18-28       (8-8)

Player (years in NFL)(Stats for 2012) (Grade for the Season)(Future outlook)

Quarterback (Overall Grade C)

#9 Tony Romo(10y Vet) (425-648-65.6%-4,903yds-28td-19int-90.5 rating/ 49yds rush-td) On paper this was a great year minus the interceptions. With big wins late in the year, but when it mattered as usual he made the big mistake that he has become known for.Even if he did break the single season passing record for Dallas =(C+) =(Keep, but its time to draft a backup who can be groomed, youth is better with a bad offensive line.)
#18 Kyle Orton(8y Vet) (9-10-90%-89y-1td-137.1 rating) (B+)( When given a chance to come in played very well, but not enough to really evaluate)( Keep as a quality backup, and if a young replacement is picked up who needs to spend time on the practice squad)

Running Back (Overall Grade C-)

#29 DeMarco Murray (2y) (10games-161at-663-4.1-4tds/ 35rec-251-7.2)( C) (One of the running backs of the future. Explosive, and sells out when blocking. But needs to stay healthy, so it is recommended that they draft, or pick up another quality back, or groom the young ones they have)
#28 Felix Jones (5) (111-402-3.6-3tds/ 25-262-10.5-2tds) (C-) (Had a major opportunity to take back job when Murray went down, but failed to impress. Some of it could be due to OLine issues, but he needs to be much more explosive. Keep but only till you find someone better)
#25 Lance Dunbar (R) (21-75-3.6-0/ 6-33-5.5) (C) (Did what was expected, needs to be worked hard in the offseason and pushed to take over the number 2 spot. May need to be replaced if he isn’t striving to be the starter)
#34 Phillip Tanner (2) (25-61-2.4/ 4-41-10.3) (D) (cut)

Fullback (Overall Grade C-)

#47 Lawrence Vickers (9) (C-)(Is known as a big blocker, but failed like the OLine to really create holes, should be kept, if a better blocking fullback isn’t found)

Wide Receiver (Overall Grade C)

#19 Miles Austin (7) (66-943-14.3-6td) (D) (Really hurt the team by not being on the field for the big games. Then again he is becoming known as “Mr. Glass”. Team should look for a quality #2 Receiver so he can play slot since he can stay healthy)
#88 Dez Bryant (3) (92-1382-15.0-12td) (B+) (Started to mature after pre-season issues. If he can keep it up, and improve could become the elite receiver his number says he is. A #1 receiver in my opinion)
#85 Kevin Ogletree (4) (32-436-13.6-4td) (D) (After great success in the first game, reverted back to previous seasons, and should only be kept if no one else can be found. Really let the team down throughout the season)
#17 Dwayne Harris (2) (17-222-13.1-1td) (B-) (Should be groomed in the offseason to take the Slot from Ogletree. Really stepped up returning punts this season with a 16.1yd average and a big td. Needs to stay returning punts)
#11 Cole Beasley (R) (15-128-8.5) (C) (Young talent who could be a Wes Welker type slot in the future after more training)

Tight End (Overall Grade B+)

#82 Jason Whitten (10) (110-1039-9.4-3td) (A) (Straight up the best TE in the NFL)
#89 John Phillips (4) (8-55) (C) (Good Quality TE who can block and backup, keep unless a better can be found)
#84 James Hanna (R) (8-86) (B) ( A very raw Whitten style TE, who should be kept and groomed)

Offensive Line (Overall Grade D)

LT #77 Tyron Smith (2), 6-5, 308 (B) (Still a little raw, but getting better, and could be a real good one)
LT #75 Darrion Weems (R), 6-5, 302 (C) (Very raw, but worth keeping to see how develops)
LG #71 Nate Livings (5), 6-4, 320 (F) (Brought in to be a beast, FAIL!, cut)
LG #76 Derrick Dockery (10), 6-6, 325 (C) (Tough run blocker, who should be kept unless youth is added)
C # 67 Phil Costa (3), 6-3, 313 (D) (Injury early in the year started the failure of the OLine, needs to stay healthy if he wants to stay a Cowboy)
C # 63 Ryan Cook (7), 6-6, 325 (C) (Good Quality Backup who can play all the positions, keeper)
RG #73 Mackenzie Bernadeau (5), 6-4, 320 (F) (Brought in to be a beast, FAIL!, cut)
RG #62 David Arkin (2), 6-5, 306 (D) (Should have stepped up and be starter by now, keep to see if he matures next year, after that he could be gone)
RT #68 Doug Free (6), 6-6, 325 (F) (In preseason there was talk that he might make the probowl this year, turns out it was all talk. Cut unless they see something none of us see)
RT #78 Jeremy Parnell (3), 6-6, 311 (F) (Cut, this spot could be filled with a rookie who might push to start one day)

Defensive Line (Overall Grade C)

DE #96 Marcus Spears (8), 6-4, 315, (25t-1sack) (C) (Needs to be more disruptive, could be beaten out by a younger player)
DE #70 Tyrone Crawford (R), 6-4, 285, (20T) (C+) (Could be starter next season)
NG #90 Jay Ratliff (8), 6-4, 303, (16T) (D) (Hurt most of the season, but when healthy one of the best penetrating nose guards in the business)
NG # 95 Sean Lissemore (3), 6-3, 303, (35T-1s) (C) (Good quality back up worth keeping)
DE #97 Jason Hatcher (7), 6-6, 305 (51t-4s) (B+) (Starting to become a real force, must keep getting better, and play smarter)

Linebackers (Overall Grade B+)

LOLB #93 Anthony Spencer (6) (95t-11s-2ff) (A+) (Really starting to get nasty, a must resign)
LOLB #57 Victor Butler (4) (25t-3s-3ff) (B) (Good backup that needs to be kept)
ILB #50 Sean Lee (3) (58t-1int) (A-) (Was having a great year before injury knocked him out. Could be the best inside linebacker in NFL next season)
ILB #54 Bruce Carter (2) (70t) (B-) (Was having a good 1st year as a starter before injury. Him and Lee could form the perfect combo of wonder twins)
ILB #52 Dan Connor (5) (57t) (B) (Did a good job when healthy of replacing those injured, worth keeping as a quality backup who will play)
ILB #59 Ernie Simms (7) (43t) (C+) (Did an adequate job replacing the injured. Could lose spot to a rookie, or youth player)
ROLB #94 DeMarcus Ware (8) (56t-11.5s-5ff) (A) (Had another Pro Bowl Season terrorizing quarterbacks, and playing through injuries when he could)
ROLB #55 Alex Albright (2) (31t) (C) (Good size, and quality backup)

Cornerbacks (Overall Grade B)

#39 Brandon Carr (5) (53t-3int-td) (B) (Good year in his first with the Cowboys, but needs to get more turnovers like the big one against the Steelers)
#24 Mo Claiborne (R) (55t-1int-2FR) (B+) (Good rookie season that showed promise of the player he can be with a little more experience)
#21 Mike Jenkins (5) (14t) (C) (Hes gone, going to sign with someone who will let him start)
#32 Orland Scandrick (5) (21t) (C-) (Decent Nickleback who missed most of the season, could keep unless someone better comes along.)
#30 Sterling Moore (2) (22t-1ff-1fr) (C) (Will see if he improves in the offseason, could easily be gone)

Safeties (Overall Grade C-)

FS#43 Gerald Sensabaugh (8) (58t-1ff) (C-) (Average Free Safety who could be easily replaced)
SS#40 Danny McCray (3) (71t-1int) (B) (Could eventually become a Pro Bowler if he can polish the rough edges)
SS#27 Eric Frampton (6) (30t) (B-) (Good quality backup worth keeping for Special teams play)
FS#26 Charlie Peprah (7) (11t-1int) (C-) (Decent backup who should be replaced by a rookie who can challenge Sensabaugh for playing time, or beat him out)
S#42 Barry Church (3) (6t) (D) (Was coming along like gang busters in preseason, but knocked out by injury early. Could compete and start next season)
#37 Matt Johnson (R) (NG) (Needs to be developed to push for playing time)

Kickers (Overall Grade A)

K #5 Dan Bailey (2) (37/37xp, 29/31fg) (A+) (Consistant, with a strong leg, keeper)
P #2 Brian Moorman (12) (44.6avg, 22inside 20) (B) (Good punter who should be kept unless Leckler is available)

Coaches (Overall Grade C(Average 8-8))

Head Coach Jason Garrett (21-19 in 2.5 seasons as head) (C-) (Needs to work on being better at time management, and needs to start taking a broader view and let his OC either its Norv Turner or ? and just coach the whole team. Keep around to see how next season goes, could be gone fast with a bad start though)

OC/OLine Bill Callahan (F) (Needs to be beaten with a stick for the job the offense did this year, especially the offensive line. Should be gone)

DC Rob Ryan (A) (Yeah the Defense wasn’t perfect, but they were in a lot of games they shouldn’t have been with all the backups being pulled out of the stands and being expected to start. Keeper)

The 2013 Draft Needs

1. Offensive Linemen- young, big, and who play with an attitude
2. Young Quarterback- This is a bad quarterback draft, but there are some who can be groomed
3. Running Back- Someone who can start the next play after a Murray injury
4. Speed Wide Receiver- Someone who can push those who get injured all the time, and those who think they deserve a roster spot but don’t
5. Free Safety- Someone who can start, and cover
6. Young Depth- In all the major positions who can be groomed for the future. 

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