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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My NFL Power Rankings after Week 4, Predictions

NFL Power Rankings

1. Houston Texans 4-0 (#1LW)- Right now they just look unstoppable. Can they continue to play like this or will they start reading their press and drop one. The Jets are a perfect opportunity.

2. Atlanta Falcons 4-0 (#2LW)- Right now they are an Air Raid NFL style, who can run if they feel like it. Even winning the games when they don't play perfect.

3. Arizonia Cardinals 4-0 (#3LW)- Everybody is shocked about this team. How long can they keep it up, keep finding ways to win. It's my guess that if Andre Roberts gets at least another td, they should.

4. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 (#4LW)- Everybody said they would go down the tubes when they lost Suggs, yet they keep winning. It had to be especially enjoyable beating their old city last week.

5. San Francisco 49ers 3-1 (#5LW)- Only one bump in the road, and they seemed to really take out their anger on the Jets in a dominating victory.

6. Green Bay Packers 2-2 (#6LW)- The passing attack is starting to come together, if they can get Cedric Benson gashing holes when needed they might not lose another game.

7. San Diego Chargers 3-1 (#10LW)- With Mathews getting into his grove, the fast start the sky is the limit for these guys.

8. Chicago Bears 3-1 (#12LW)- Well the offense is still a work in progress, but if the defense keeps taking the ball away like that who cares lol.

9. New England Patriots 2-2 (#11LW)- Oh nothing like playing Buffalo to get things back in order.

10. Philadelphia Eagles 3-1 (#13LW)- Vick still doesn't seem like his old self, but winning ugly is still winning.

11. Minnesota Vikings 3-1 (#20LW)- Don't look now but they are starting to look for real, if Ponder can keep playing the way he is these guys are contenders.

12. Denver Broncos 2-2 (#14LW)- There's nothing better than a win, unless that win is a big one, and even more so if that win is against the old rival Raiders.

13. Cincinnatti Bengals 3-1 (#16LW)- Don't look now but they and the Ravens are running away from the struggling Steelers. Need to get the running game going to keep it up.

14. St. Louis Rams 2-2 (#23LW)- Offense is coming together, Defense is getting stronger. If they can stay healthy then this could be Cinderella.

15. Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (#7LW)- Tough road loss, if they could only play all their games at home they would be unstoppable.

16. NY Giants 2-2 (#9LW)- This team can't decide if they want to be Champions, or Chumps.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (#15LW)-Nothing like a bye for a team that needs to heal and work on getting new offensive system better incorporated.

18. Washington Redskins 2-2 (#22LW)- Big win for the skins, but can they start a streak?

19. Detroit Lions 1-3 (#17LW)- A really good team that keeps finding ways not to show up.

20. Buffalo Bills 2-2 (#18LW)- Its never good to catch the Patriots when they are angry, especially when your surprise stud can't play, and the 100Million dollar man isn't healthy.

21. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 (#8LW)- All the poor offensive play finally caught up with them, even a great defense breaks after enough abuse. OLine play has to get better, right now this is a 7-9 team at best.

22. Tampa Bay Buccanneers 1-3 (#21LW)- A lot of young talent that is playing hard, but just can't seem to put it together at clutch time.

23. New York Jets 2-2 (#19LW)- Nobody is doing less for their starting quarterback than this team. Line isn't blocking and front office refuses to get him any talent. It may be Tebow time soon, because a why not moment will soon hit.

24. Carolina Panthers 1-3 (#24LW)- Finally the Panthers played like they wanted a win, and against the best in their division, oh so close. They can go one of two ways now.

25. Miami Dolphins 1-3 (#26LW)- Looked like Marino was playing last week as rookie Tannihill was slinging the ball all over the place, luck was not on their side though. But next week is another week.

26. Tennessee Titans 1-3 (#25LW)- Locker is coming along, and now he's out. Time to put the old guy back in Hasselbeck. Does he got a Kerry Collins like year in him? Probably not, but Chris Johnson getting more than 10 yards a game sure had to make the fans smile.

27. Kansas City Chiefs 1-3 (#27 LW)- Need to keep feeding Charles, and start playing as a team.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3 (#29LW)- Will they get past the growing pains?

29. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 (#30LW)- A week off to get to get back on track might be exactly what was needed.

30. Oakland Raiders 1-3 (#28LW)- Pitiful performance against an arch rival.

31. New Orleans Saints 0-4 (#31LW)- Will this week be the week that the losing is over?

32. Cleveland Browns 0-4 (#32LW)- Oh so close to beating the team that used to be the Cleveland Browns, if the old rookie can get it right maybe they will finally get a w.

Week 5 Matchups and Predictions

Arizonia (4-0) at St.Louis (2-2)= Expect this to be an ugly one. Arizonia's defense is playing well, but their OLine could play for Dallas. St. Louis is on the verge of being an unlikely contender. If Bradford to Amendala starts going off, this could be a good one= Arizonia 17 St.Louis 14

Miami (1-3) at Cinn (3-1)= Expect for the Dolphins to show up for this game. Cincy has struggled running the ball so far, but has played really good pass defense. = Cinn 27 Miami 24

GB (2-2) at Indianapolis (1-2)= Luck is getting better fast, but the Packers are on a mission. The key will be if Benson can get going against a defense designed to stop the pass. = GB 34 Ind 24

Balt (3-1) at KC (1-3) = Trap game alert. The Chiefs have been all over the place up and down. But in the end the Ravens should take this one. = Balt 38 KC 29

Cleve (0-4) at NYG (2-2)= The real question is how long will Weeden last against the relentless pass rush, and will the Giants play the hot half back or stay with their starter= NYG 31 Cleve 21

Phil (3-1) at Pitt (1-2)= I fear for Vicks safety in this battle of Pennslyvannia.= Pitt 37 Phil 23

Atl (4-0) at Wash (2-2) = The NFL's best passing attack versus the NFL worst pass defense, only RGIII can save the day= Atl 48 Wash 24

Seattle (2-2) at Carolina (1-3) = Tough defense, but the Seahawks have struggle away from home, and Newton is ready for a W= Car 31 Seattle 28

Chicago (3-1) at Jacksonville (1-3)= Another trap game alert. The Bears have alot going for them, and the Jags look like they are lining up for another top pick= Chic 28 Jack 17

Tenn (1-3) at Minnesota (3-1)= The Vikings keep winning, and now they get to hit a less mobile quarterback. Will Chris Johnson show up for this game?= Minn 35 Tenn 21

Den (2-2) at NE (2-2)= This is a big game because its Peyton vs. The Patriots a long and storied rivalry. If the Broncos want to prove they are a top team they have to win. NE doesn't want to go below .500 again and at home a place they used to own. = NE 34 Den 31 ot

Buff (2-2) at SF (3-1)= a bad defense facing a good offense who has a great defense, expect plenty of turnovers to go the 49ers way. = SF 34 Buff 10

SD (3-1) at NO (0-4)= This one is going to be great. The fans will be rabbid, and in the crowd will be some of the guys the Saints really miss. = NO 38 SD 34


Houston (4-0) at NYJets (2-2)= The only thing going for the Jets is that they are at home, but with that come a price as the crowd could turn on them fast. = Houston 38 NYJ 7

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