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Friday, October 26, 2012

My NFL Power Rankings after Week 7, Predictions

                                                  NFL POWER RANKINGS

1. Atlanta Falcons (6-0)- The last undefeated team left. Or should i say the only one yet to stumble. They have played at times like they could beat anyone, and also have played down to some opponents.

2. Houston Texans (6-1)- Still the team to beat from what i can see. As they are playing great on all sides of the ball. They just hope not to meet anymore teams in that big of a need to get back on track.

3. Chicago Bears (5-1)- Nobody, i mean nobody is playing as good defense as they are. Which could be considered a surprise with Brian Urlacher admiting that he is only about 80 percent and probably not going to get better. Yet the rest of the team has gotten better, and this has allowed them to almost cause turnovers at will. Too bad the offense can't seem to put it together, because this is a SuperBowl team waiting for the to.

4. New York "Football" Giants (5-2)- Seperating themselve from the pack, will all cylinders and everything is going perfectly. Plus there's nothing like a "Friendly" game in Dallas.

5. San Francisco 49ers (5-2)- Most of the time they are dominant, then every once in a while they just take a game off it seems like.

6. Green Bay Packers(4-3)- Which team are they? The one that showed up and put a hurting on Houston, or the one who lost to Indy? Right now it shouldn't matter. They have hit the easy part of their schedule and should stack up some wins.

7. Baltimore Ravents (5-2)- Was last weeks abuse a sign of things to come, or will they be able to rebound with Suggs returning? It's really gonna come down to can their offense start to take over games like they should.

8. Minnesota Vikings (5-2)- Still riding a wave of shock that though they would be 2-5 not the other way around. There biggest problem is that they play young, with a lot of ups and downs.

9. Arizona Cardinals (4-3)- Their whole season rest on weither or not Skelton can put it together and play like the quarterback who earned the 1st start of the season. If he can at least play well, they should be a playoff team, if not they will be watching them on tv.

10. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)- The Seahawks are a great team at home, and average on the road. If they can steal a few on the road, then they will be playing a few extra games. Watchout if they steal alot, and people have to come there in the playoffs.

11. New England Patriots (4-3)- The road has been a tough place for them this year, one more tough one, and then a two game home stand should see them take a big step towards taking their division.

12. Denver Broncos (3-3)- Don't look now but Peyton is starting to hit his stride, if he can continue his latest trend then they will be hunting down people in the playoffs.

13. San Diego Chargers (3-3)- Who knew that getting better on the road meant they would drop home games. They will either get it together, or Norv should be looking for a new job as someones offensive corodinator.

14.  New York Jets (3-4)- Nobody is playing as hard with so little as Mark Sanchez. His best wideout couldn't make most teams. The team is playing hard, even though they are less talented than most teams. This should reflect well on their coach. But i don't know how many games they will win.

15. Miami Dolphins (3-3)- So far the Dolphins have been playing over their heads. Reggie Bush looks like a true running back he always thought he was and carries this offense. That is if he survives the Bush vs. Jets D game. The NFL should watch this one closely.

16. Indianapolis Colts (3-3)- Andrew has had a lot of Luck, and has at times played like a probowler, and at other times not so much. This team is still a year or two away, but they are ahead of schedule.

17. Tennessee Titans (3-4)- Don't look now but two straight win, along with a Chris Johnson sighting, and a winable game at home coming up.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)- Injuries bad, hulk says. Haven't strung anything consistant so far this season.

19. St. Louis Rams (3-4)- Much needed break is coming, but not fast enough for some.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)- How do you spell suddenly mediocre? Vick!

21. Dallas Cowboys (3-3)- How do you spell been mediocre, and own the place? Dallas Cowboys! No one will be more surprised than i if they upset the New York Giants at their home stadium aka Jerry World. No DeMarco, No Sean Lee, No Offensive line, don't put this on Romo.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)- Don't look now but they are starting to play offense. They keep this up and the Buccaneers will be very dangerous.

23. Washington Redskins (3-4)- RGIII, and Alfred Morris, and OLine have been great. The rest of the team not so much.
24. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)- How bad have they been lately? They actually let the Browns win a game, and grab a tie in the battle of Ohio.

25. Buffalo Bills (3-4)- Why did they spend $100Million on a guy Houston just let go? Well lets see how their defense has been so far this year....424 yds allowed per game, dead last against the run. They better watch out or they will be in the Big 12 next year playing with Texas.
26. Detroit Lions (2-4)- He who much is given, much is expected. Well i'm still expecting them to start playing well, not sure when it will happen.

27. Carolina Panthers (1-5)- I totally understand Cam Newton getting angry about losing. When you should worry is when he stops caring. They are a lot better than their record, with a tough scedule so far.

28. New Orleans Saints (2-4)- I'm just gonna say this. #1 in passing, #32 in rushing, #30against the pass, #31 against the run. Bottom line, it doesn't matter how good you are on offense if your defense is just that bad.

29. Oakland Raiders (2-4)- With the young talent this team has they should be alot more explosive on offense and better on defense. I don't know what to say.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)- Is it time to trade for Tebow yet? Gabbert out, MJD out, yeah!

31. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5)- Ask any true Chiefs fan and they will tell you that its been a LONG time since they had a real Quarterback. Maybe its time to trade for someone, or move up in the draft. Wait a minute if they can just hope that Cleveland wins a few more they can get whoever they want.

32. Cleveland Browns (1-6)- Don't look now but the Cleveland Brown are threatening to climb out of the cellar and make this a season...ok just kidding. They won a game, and it was against the hated Bengals. But now comes the hard part, building on that win and stacking some together. Lets see what happens next.

Week 8 Matchups and Predictions


Tampa Bay (2-4) at Minnesota (5-2)= I would love to say i'm taking TB in an upset, but by the time i got around to posting this they had already played. I would have taken Minnesota at home and would have missed it anyway. Though it thought it would be close. Final Score Tampa Bay 36 Minn 17


Carolina (1-5) at Chicago (5-1)= If the Panthers are smart they will bench Cam for this game. Not because of him, but so he doesn't get hurt, physically or mentally. Because there will be alot of turnovers in this game by Carolina. My Prediction= Chicago 24 Car 6

San Diego (3-3) at Cleveland (1-6)= The road warriors take on the Browns who are hoping to make some noise. My Prediction= SD 38 Cleve 24

Seattle (4-3) at Detroit (2-4)= Seattle great at home, not so much at home. My Prediction= Det 45 Seattle 24

Jacksonville (1-5) at Green Bay (4-3)= Wow if Jacksonville wins this game the apocolypse might happen or something. My Prediction= GB 44 Jack 17

Indianapolis (3-3) at Tennessee (3-4)= If Chris Johnson can find some lanes, this could be over fast. But expect the Colts to bring it. My Prediction= Tenn 28 Ind 24

New England (4-3) at St. Louis (3-4)= This is gonna be close like when the Pats went to Seattle. So don't be surprised if the Rams can steal it. My Prediction= NE 24 St. L 21

Miami (3-3) at NYJets (3-4)= This is gonna be like a college rivals grudge match. Expect a lot of hitting, and fifteen yard penalties to keep em honest. My Prediction= NYJ 34 Miami 31 ot

Atlanta (6-0) at Philadelphia (3-3)= This looks like that game when the undefeated team finally stubbles. Especially with everyone being down on the Eagles, so don't be shocked. My Prediction Philadelphia 34 Atlanta 31

Wash (3-4) at Pittsburgh (3-3)= This one is a toughy, well since its in steeltown. Pitt 41 Wash 38

Oakland (2-4) at KC (1-5)= A rivalry since rivalries were formed, yet this has become the Battle of Mediocrity. My Prediction Oakland 34 KC 24

NYGiants (5-2) at Dallas (3-3)= The Giants have owned Jerry World since they smacked the boys in its opening game. Expect Dallas to play well early, and even keep it close. But falter in the 4th. My Prediction NYG 38 Dallas 27

New Orleans (2-4) at Denver (3-3)= This one should look like a Big 12 battle with no bullets left at the end of this one. My Prediction Denver 44 NO 41 ot


San Francisco (5-2) at Arizona (4-3)= This could have been a really good game, if Skelton had a few more of them under his belt. The 49ers have a way of mixing up people like him so they should have some points to score on defense. But on the other side the Cardinals will bring a lot of pressure so it should stay close. My Prediction SF 17 Arizonia 9

Playoffs a look ahead
= This is my best guestimation on what would happen later down the road with the way the teams are playing right now. It will be adjusted, as the season goes on.



6)Arizona(Wild) at 3)New York Giants(East Champ)= Giants
5)Green Bay(Wild at 4)San Francisco (West Champ)= GB


NYGiants at 2)Chicago(North Champ)= Chicago
Green Bay at 1)Atlanta (South Champ)= Atlanta


Chicago at Atlanta = Atlanta



6)Miami(Wild) at 3)New England (East Champ)= New England
5)San Diego (Wild) at 4)Denver (West Champ)= Denver


Denver at 1)Houston(South Champ)= Houston
New England at 2)Baltimore(North Champ)= Baltimore


Baltimore at Houston= Houston


Atlanta vs. Houston = Houston

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