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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My NFL Power Rankings after Week 5, Predictions

 Sad News to Report- Alex Karras, former Detroit Lion and also known for being Websters Dad on the show Webster died from Kidney Failure at age 77.                                               

                                           NFL Power Rankings

1. Houston Texans 5-0 (#1LW)- The Texans just keep rolling meeting every challenge head on. The Triplets on offense just keep on plugging away. The real question is who is really safe from JJ Watt? I know all NFL quarterbacks are getting twitchy even the ones not on the Texans schedule. They have a tough road ahead with Green Bay, then Baltimore coming to town, then later a road game at Chicago.

2. Atlanta Falcons 5-0 (#2LW)- The Falcons are looking like the team they thought they would be last year. What the old Dolphins might have looked like with a strong defense and a good running if they feel like it back.

3. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (#4LW)- No matter what obstacles are in their way they just keep finding ways to overcome them. There was talk at the beginning of the season on weither or not they would even make the playoffs. So far they have shut up their critics. Their game with Dallas should be interesting.

4. San Francisco 49ers 4-1 (#5LW)- Wow Alex Smith looked like Montana, and the whole offense looked like they were on a video game..are we sure this world is real? Are we in the matrix. This is gonna be one tough team to beat each and every week.

5. Chicago Bears 4-1 (#8LW)- The Monsters of the Midway are back and searching for dinner. They have dined on every team so far this season covering up the mistakes the offense makes and then scoring themselves. Tony Romo still has nightmares about them.

6. Minnesota Vikings 4-1 (#11LW)- The real surprise team of the League or tied with Arizona. Their offense is pure balance that all team strive for, and the defense is playing good as well.

7. Arizonia Cardinals 4-1 (#3LW)- They finally stumbled on the road against an amazingly loud crowd and a bone crunching defense. But they are still a surprise team that if they can get back on track and find a running game with Williams out for the year they will be good.

8. New England Patriots 3-2 (#9LW)- Tom Brady found a way to keep the pressure off, just keep handing the ball off. I've know for some time if they ever got a real running game it might be over. Ridley just might be that guy

9. St. Louis Rams 3-2 (#14LW)- The defense is only getting better, if the offense ever catches up, or manages to keep its stars healthy, they will be one tough out.

10. New York Giants 3-2 (#16LW)- Well they aren't exactly lighting it up, just playing blue collar kick you in the face and knock you over football. They are still the defending champs. A big remach of the NFC Championship game looms against SF this week.

11. Seattle Seahawks 3-2 (#15LW)- No real stars on this team, because they are all stars and playing as a true team. When did the NFC West decide to get so tough?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2 (#17LW)- Defensive injuries keep piling up just as the offense starts to get healthy, oh well that's football. The Steel Curtain will only get better with all these backups learning on the fly. Should make for an interesting game with rival Titans on Thursday though.

13. San Diego Chargers 3-2 (#7LW)- Just when things were starting to look up, they go and blow a few games to make everyone question them again.

14. Green Bay Packers 2-3 (#6LW)- Those in Cheeseland waiting for the real Packers to please stand up may be waiting a while, as the offense took another hit with Benson going down for a while, and the health of Finley coming into question again. It is noted that they were playing a team on a high playing for a sick coach and sometimes things just don't go your way. Still they aren't making things easy on themselves this season.

15. Philadelphia Eagles 3-2 (#10LW)- Most Eagle fans will tell you that this season feels like they are 0-5, or 1-4 with they way they are playing. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good, but if they don't start playing good real soon they will be looking at the draft and not the playoffs.

16. Cincinnati Bengals 3-2 (#13LW)- Don't look now but the Bengals can pass, play good defense, just can't run to save their lives. What have we said about balance?

17. Denver Broncos 2-3 (#14LW)- Doesn't appear to matter Tebow, Manning the Broncos just can't beat the Patriots. Well doesn't mean the season is over.

18. Indianapolis Colts 2-2 (#29LW)- I know ridiculous jump up the ladder. But something tells mean that their play just wasn't because they were playing for their coach. I think some of it had to do with the quick maturation of Andrew Luck. They could be back on track.

19. Washington Redskins 2-3 (#18LW)- If RGIII ever learns how to really slide and i don't mean into shoulders, then he will have a long career. They are playing well inspite of all their injuries.

20. Detroit Lions 1-3 (#19LW)- I keep waiting for them to explode, and if it doesn't happen soon , then a few random Lion fans may explode.

21. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 (#21LW)- Did the week off help, has the ship been righted? It may not matter with a trip to Baltimore coming. The true question is can some of the Cowboys weapons step up and not put it all on Romo?

22. Miami Dolphins 2-3 (#25LW)- Still up and down what you would expect from a team starting a rookie, but they are playing hard and not pulling any punches which is all you can reasonably ask.

23. Buffalo Bills 2-3 (#20LW)- Ran into the buzz saw that is the 49ers last week or is the defense just that bad with Williams hurt? They need to get Spiller some touches soon when healthy.

24. New York Jets 2-3 (#23LW)- Its Tebow time, not because Sanchez has been playing that bad. But because its just time ok. The rest of the offense looks like a chicken with its head cut off. Though they gave all they had on monday against the best the NFL has to offer so far.

25. Tampa Bay Bucanneers 1-3 (#22LW)- Another team that was glad for a week off. They need to come together on offense and defense and special teams.

26. Carolina Panthers 1-4 (#24LW)- We see it all the time. The Sophomore slump, though this one appears to be especially bad after promises of playoffs, and the great year he had last year. Time to mature and thrive and set up for a high running back in the draft.

27. New Orleans Saints 1-4 (#31LW)- BASIC LOSING IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Well maybe. Got lucky, and they still don't have their coach back. But not going 0-16 is good.

28. Tennessee Titans 1-4 (#26LW)- They look old and stagnant. Nothing like a thursday night game against your hated rivals to liven things up. Especially against one that has some injuries.

29. Kansas City Chiefs 1-4 (#27LW)- Not shocking that they would clap when Brady Quinn got in, which is what i believe happened. Though the fans needs to show respect for a guy like Matt Cassel who spends his off time building holmes and helping those who lost their homes from tornado's and such. Where was his clapping then?

30. Oakland Raiders 1-4 (#30LW)- Basic Good News/Bad News situation. Good News= If they keep this up then they will be in line for a really good draft next year. Bad News= the stink.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4 (#28LW)- Regression in progress. It's time to start working with Gabbart on getting better or getting out of town.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-5 (#32LW)- Well Richardson looks good, and they may be able to draft another quarterback next year lol

Week 6 Matchups and Predictions

Pitt (2-2) @ Tenn (1-4) = This will be alot closer than it should be at least to start because there is a lot of hatred between the two teams and the better team is still sore. = Pitt 24 Tenn 17
Dallas (2-2) @ Baltimore (4-1) = Well we could see one of two games. Either the Cowboys have gotten their stuff together and will show it for a few games, or this is a team heading to a high draft pick. Either way i've got Baltimore winning. = Baltimore 24 Dallas 13
KC (1-4) @ TB (1-3) = This should be a battle of Ineptitude. = TB 12 KC 10
NYG (3-2) @ SF (4-1) = This is the payback game and rematch of last years NFC title game that ruined wide receiver Kyle Williams day for a while. I bet you if he gets to return a punt he will cover up the ball.= SF 38 NYG 24
Indy (2-2) @ NYJ (2-3) = Two teams of contrast. The Colts have a lot of talent and things are looking up. The Jets are looking for talent, and looking down as they do. Will anybody ever give Tebow a real chance or do they have to be 2-10 before it happens. = Indianapolis 31 NYJets 21
Cinn (3-2) @ Cleve (0-5) = I think its about time for the lowly Browns to finally get a win. The key will be who can run the ball and not have turnovers. = Cleve 24 Cinn 23
StL(3-2) @ Miami (2-3)= The teams from the west are a real hard out at home, well they are on the road, and minus their best wideout. Miami is just gonna keep plugging away. = Miami 28 St. Louis 24
Oak (1-4) @ Atlanta (5-0) = Trap game alert, the Falcons have been so good, and the Raiders have been sooooo bad. The Falcons also have a tendacy to play down to competition. = Atl 34 Oak 21
Det (1-3) @ Phil (3-2) = Now is the time for the real Lions team to step up, against the mistake prone Eagles, who are begging to be beaten. = Detroit 45 Phil 34
Buff (2-3) @ Ariz (4-1) = Like i said the teams from the west are a hard out at home. Buffalo has been playing bad on defense, luckily for them Ariz's offense hasn't exactly been on. = Arizonia 20 Buff 17
NE (3-2) @ Seattle (3-2) = Like i said the team from the west are a hard out at home. But this isn't just anyone coming to town. So expect this to be decided on weither or not the Patriots can keep running the ball. If so then this will be over fast, if not this could get uuuuggglllllyyyy. = NE 19 Seattle 13
Minn (4-1) @ Wash (2-3) = The Vikings are playing very well on offense leaving most defenses guessing what is coming next. Washington's defense is guessing what is coming next against bad offenses. So you don't need to be a genius to figure this one out. = Minn 41 Wash 27
GB (2-3) @ Houston (5-0) = This is the game of the week candidate up there with the Giants/49ers game. The edge goes to Houston due to home field, and no running game for the Pack as well as J.J. Watt. He taken names people. = Houston 38 GB 35
Den (2-3) @ San Diego (3-2) = There is alot of hate between these two teams since time began. So expect nothing less. = Denver 38 SD 35

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