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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dallas Cowboys early Season review


@NY Giants (0-0) W 24-17= Really this game wasn't as close as the score was. As the Cowboys did what ever they wanted for 3 quarters, then let the Giants creep back in at the end. This so far was the last game in which the Cowboys played as a solid team.

@Seattle Seahawks (0-1) L 7-27= Nothing went right for Dallas in this game. The O-Line started to show its holes, and nobody, i mean nobody could do anything right.

vsTampa Bay Buccanneers (1-1) W 16-10= Offensively you could tell that whatever bug bit them in the Seattle game was still affecting them. The Defense played exceptionally well. Still as a team they tried very hard to lose this game.

vsChicago Bears (2-1) L 18-34= Don't let this score fool you this loss felt just as bad as losing 0-49. Sloppy play translated into Romo trying to force throws after they fell behind, and the whole game just snowballed into utter destruction after that.

Positional Thoughts

QB-(C+)  Tony Romo (101-151-66.9-1,148-5tds-6ints)= Up until the Bears game Tony had been playing somewhat well with a lot of his lack of production due to very shotty O-Line play, and people just dropping passes. But in the Bears game once they got down good, he forgot to take it one play at a time and started trying to get it all back at once and the turnovers just added up.

RB-(B-) DeMarco Murray (61-237-3.9-1TD/ 16R-114-7.1)= DeMarco has had the bad luck of not only poor offensive line play but three straight teams strong against the run. His play so far should be a C, but he gets a bump for quality pass blocking, and being very availible as a dump off.

FB-(D) Lawrence Vickers= Bottom line he is here to blow open holes, and clean up what the line missed. So far he hasn't been getting it done.

(C) Miles Austin( 28 Targets, 18-300-3tds)= To be the number one guy, you have to either be a big play guy or a high volume guy. Miles has been a big play now and then guy, and needs to step up and start getting open more.
(D-) Dez Bryant
(33 Targets, 33-269-0tds)= You would think that in his 3rd year Dez might step up and quit acting making rookie mistakes. If it isn't dropping passes, its running the wrong routes and hurting the team. He really needs to step up or Maybe its time Dallas started looking for someone else to fill the roster spot.(C+) Kevin Ogletree (25 Targets, 17-221-2tds)= Kevin gets a bump for stepping up and becoming a solid slot, #3 guy. He has made the most of his opportunities, Tony needs to get him the ball more when Miles is double covered.

TE-(D) Jason Witten (35 Targets, 21-188-td)= Jason started very slow which some of it can be excused because of missing so much preseason. He's been so reliable for so long that it was quite a shock watching him drop so many passes, and fail to get open, as well as his lackluster run blocking. But if the Bears game is any indication then things should return to normal soon as he started to look like his old self till the game got out of hand.

LT-(C-) Tyron Smith= He is still young and learning the position. Sometimes he looks like a future Hall of Famer and others like a flustered young pup. He should only get better.

LG-(F) Nate Livingston= Brought in as a free agent from the Bengals, he was supposed to help solidify the line, and has failed to do so. I have to ask why Derrick Dockery isn't playing.

(C+)Ryan Cook= A free agent signee during the season due to injuries, has played adequately, and i expect him from seeing him play in the past to get better.

(C) Phil Costa= Has played well when healthy, and so far this season hasn't been healthy much

RG-(F) MacKenzie Bernadeau =Another High priced free agent this one from Carolina who has yet to live up to the money he's being paid.

RT-(D-) Doug Free- I thought the move from Left over to right would only make him better. So far when he's not jumping offsides, he's getting beat. He plays soft, and has yet to get an attitude.


NG-(B) Josh Brent (10T-1Sack)= Has played well starting for the injured pro bowler Jay Ratliff

LE-(C+) Marcus Spears (10T) = Has played average, and needs to be more disruptive.

RE-(B-) Jason Hatcher (12T-1Sack)= Started off as a project player, and has started to develope. Still needs to do more damage against the opposting offensive line.

(B) Anthony Spencer (21T-2Sacks)= Is a good complement to the opposite side of Ware. Would still like to see him be more aggressive getting to the quarterback.

(C) Victor Butler( 5T, 1FR)= Did ok filling in for injured Spencer, but i did expect more.

LILB (C) Bruce Carter( 22T)= Still needs some learning, but could be really good.

RILB (A) Sean Lee (46T, 1FF, 1Int)= Playing as well or better than just about any inside linebacker in the NFL.

ROLB (A) DeMarcus Ware (21T, 3FF, 5 sacks)= An Apex Predator when hunting for Quarterbacks, does need to be rushing more than covering. Could use a little more help with pressure from other places to make the double/triple teams he gets worth something.

(B) Brandon Carr (6T)= Has yet to really be tested, and has yet to provide the interceptions i was hoping for. But has elevated the positon over last few seasons.

(B) Mike Jenkins(2T)= Has done well to fight over anger at dropping down the lineup. Needs to start making plays when he is in there if he wants it back.

(B) Morris Claibourne (9T)= Is still young, and will need to improve, but has show he can tackle, and cover. Size is a big plus as well.

(B) Orlando Scandrick (2T)= Is playing to the best of his abilities, but needs to work on being in position.

FS (C) Gerald Sensabaugh (10T) = Still an average coverage safety, but one who needs to start making big plays.

SS (C) Danny McCray (13T) = Needs to start making some big hits to make receivers fear coming over the middle.

K (A) Dan Bailey (5/5FG, 6/6 XP)= Perfect on the season, knock on wood

(B) Chris Jones ( 11p-46.4-5 inside 20 )= Good so far this season.

(A) Brian Moorman (3p-37.0-2 inside 20)= Had an excellent game against the Bears pinning them around the 5 yardline twice.

PR (D) Dez Bryant (7r-45yds-0Tds)= Has been dancing around most of the time, for zero effect. Only one good return this season.

KR (C-) Felix Jones (11-236-21.5-1Fumble)= Has yet to have a big return, and be the explosive player he is supposed to be.


Dallas Passing- (D)- Not enough big plays for a team that lives on them, poor blocking, and too many drops. Though 5th in the NFL on yards, still not making the big plays.

Dallas Rushing-(D-)- Poor blocking, and not enough creativity in play calling. 29th in NFL in yards. 

Dallas Defense Against the Pass (B+)- Not enough pressure on opposing quarterback, and Way not enough interceptions to make the other team pay. 2nd in the NFL on yards allowed.

Dallas Defense Against the Run (C-)- Too many big plays given up. 18th in the NFL on yards allowed.

- The bottom line offensively is until the Offensive line starts to play like it should, or at least as good as last years team this offense is going nowhere. You can expect for people to start calling for Orton to play. He may be playing soon as Tony Romo will probably get knocked out of the game real soon if the blocking stays the same. Right now Dez Bryant does more bad than good, until he starts to execute the way he his expected, it might be better if he sat on the bench and watched for a while. It might also be time to start looking at the waiver wire for offensive linemen who want to play, and bench or cut some of the over priced players who aren't rising to the occasion.

-The bottom line defensively is that they are playing as a group at a high level. It needs to force more turnovers, and pressure the opposing quarterback better. But this group is good enough to make a deep playoff run. That is if the offense can get it together.

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