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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My NCAA Football Top 30 & Regional Rankings, September 30, 2012

LW/ RANK/ TEAM/ RECORD/ Last Week Result/ Game This Week

1       1. Alabama Crimson Tide 5-0, beat Ole Miss 33-14, Off
2       2. Oregon Ducks 5-0, beat Wash St.51-26  , vs. Washington
3       3. Georgia Bulldogs 5-0, beat Tenn 51-44, @#8SCarolina
4       4. FSU Seminoles 5-0, beat SFl 30-17, @NCState
5       5. WestVirginia Mountaineers 4-0, beat #24Bay 70-63, @#10 Texas
6       6. KSU Wildcats 4-0, off, vs. Kansas
7       7. LSU Tigers 5-0, beat Townson St. 38-22, @#14 Florida
8       8. South Carolina Gamecocks 5-0, beat Ky 38-17, vs. #3Georgia
9       9. Ohio State Buckeyes 5-0, beat #19MSU 17-16, vs. #20Nebraska
10   10. Texas Longhorns 4-0, beat OkSt 41-36, vs. #5 WVirginia
11   11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 4-0, off, vs. Miami (Fl)
13   12. USC Trojans 3-1, off, @Utah (thur)
14   13. TCU Horned Frogs 4-0, beat SMU 24-16, vs. Iowa State
15   14. Florida Gators 4-0, off, vs. #7 LSU
16   15. Clemson Tigers 4-1, beat BC 45-31, vs. Geo Tech
17   16. Oklahoma Sooners 2-1, off, @#29 Texas Tech
18   17. Louisiville Cardinals 5-0, beat SMiss 21-17, off
20   18. Oregon State Beavers 3-0, beat Ariz 38-35, vs. Wash St.
21   19. UCLA Bruins 4-1, beat Colo 42-14, @Cal
22   20. Nebraska Cornhuskers 4-1, beat Wisconsin 20-17, @#9 Ohio St.
12   21. Stanford Cardinals 3-1, lost to Wash 13-17, vs. Arizonia
25   22. Mississippi State Bulldogs 4-0, off, @Kentucky
26   23. Northwestern Wildcats 5-0, beat Ind 44-29, @Penn State
27   24. Rutgers Scarlet Knights 4-0, off, vs. UConn
24   25. Baylor Bears 3-1, lost to #5WVir 63-70, off
28   26. Louisiana Tech 5-0, beat Virginia 44-38, vs. UNLV
30   27. Arizonia State Sun Devils 4-1, beat Cal 27-17, off
NR 28. Cincinnatti Bearcats 3-0, beat #23VaTech 27-24, vs. Miami(O)
NR 29. Texas Tech Red Raiders 4-0, beat Iowa State 24-13, vs. #16 OU
NR 30. Texas A&M Aggies 4-1, beat Ark 58-10, @Ole Miss

******************Regional Rankings********************

1. WVir-5          1. Alabama-1      1.KSU-6          1. LSU-7              1. Oregon-2
2. Louis-17        2. Geo-3             2. OhioSt-9      2. Texas-10         2. USC-12
3. Rutgers-24    3. FSU-4             3. ND-11         3. TCU-13            3. Oregon St-18
4. Cinn-28         4. SCar-8            4. Neb-20        4. OU-16              4. UCLA-19
5. VaTech(3-2) 5. Florida-14       5. NWest-23   5. Baylor-25         5. Stanford-21
6. WKy(4-1)      6. Clem-15          6. Ohio(5-0)    6. LaTech-26       6. ASU-27
7. Duke(4-1)     7. MissSt-22      7. MichSt(3-2) 7. TexTech-29     7. BoiseSt(3-1)
8. Tenn(3-2)      8. Mia(Fl)(4-1)    8. Pur (3-1)      8. TA&M-30       8. Wash(3-1)
9. NCSt(3-2)      9. OleMiss(3-2)  9. Toledo(4-1) 9. Tulsa(4-1)        9. Nevada(4-1)
10. PennSt(3-2) 10.Troy(3-2)      10. IowaSt(3-1) 10. UTSA(5-0)     10. Ariz (3-2)

****************Big Games For This Week****************
#2 Oregon (5-0) at Washington (3-1)- This is a big trap game for Oregon in their run for a Pac-12, and National Title. Washington is coming off being very stingy and upsetting Stanford in Seattle. Oregon on the other hand looks like they don't have a care in the world, with explosive players coming out of their ears. Plus the defense is getting better. My Prediction Oregon 44 Washington 24

#3 Georgia (5-0) at #8 South Carolina (5-0)- Not only is this an old, and rabid rivalry. But this one could very well be for the East of the SEC. Georgia has proven it can score, proven that it has depth at runningback, proven that it has one of the best Quarterbacks in the country, but has yet to really come together on defense. South Carolina is that kid always fighting to be noticed by the other guys. The offense is up and down, and fails to utilize one of the best runninbacks in the country properly, but the defense is very solid, all in all i just got a guy feeling this one is gonna go back and forth but with Georgia coming out on top. My Prediction- Georgia 44 South Carolina 41

#5 West Virginia (4-0) at #10 Texas (4-0)- I would like to tell you how Texas is gonna beat the Mountaineers, i really would. Because i love Texas, but i just can't. Geno Smith is just too hard to stop, plus he all all the weapons anyone could reasonably ask for and more. Stedman Bailey, and Tavon Austin are just too ridiculously explosive. Then you throw in the fact that Texas keeps finding a way to not wrap up on tackles, and this just becomes too clear. I fully expect the Texas defense to not be too tired as the Longhorns will run the ball, and control the clock. My Prediction- West Virgina 45 Texas 38

#7 LSU (5-0) at #14 Florida (4-0)- Honestly i don't know how LSU stays #2 in most polls with as bad as they have played against very mediocre competition(Idaho, North Texas, Townson St, beating a below average Auburn by just 2pts). I really expected more from this team. Maybe they will show up next week, and have just been waiting for the season to start. Florida has been playing really good defense lately, and Driskel is starting to look like the 5star he was supposed to be. The Gators have been excellent at making halftime adjustments and coming out strong in the 2nd half (@A&M, @Tenn), The Swamp is a very hard place to come away with a victory. My Prediction-Florida 26 LSU 21

#20 Nebraska (4-1) at #9 Ohio State (5-0)- This could be a very good and close game. With Martinez starting to be a better passer, a stable of runningbacks, and the defense starting to get stronger. Ohio State is only as good as Braxton Miller allows, as of late he's been just good enough to defeat everyone. I might take the Cornhuskers at home, but this is in Columbus. My Prediction- Ohio State 34 Nebraska 28

Miami (Fl) (4-1) at #11 Notre Dame (4-0)- So far for the Irish its been a magical season, with everything falling into place. The offense has played good enough to win games, and Te'o and the defense has been ridiculous. On the other hand you wouldn't know that the Hurricanes are 4-1, if you heard their fans. Many lost their minds after the blowout loss to Kansas State. Nothing says redemption like going to an undefeated South Bend and coming away with a victory. Something tells me this could be a lot closer than most people will think. But in the end Miami is just missing that one thing in the clutch that passed Champion Hurricane teams have had. My Prediction ND 34 Miami 31

#16 Oklahoma (2-1) at #29 Texas Tech(4-0)- Every year we all wait for OU to blow that one game out of the blue that ruins their national title run. Last year it was at home against Texas Tech 41-38 when the couldn't buy a field goal. Unluckily for the Red Raiders it has already happened. Another item of note about this game, Landry Jones has yet to find that wideout he trust, and as a result the offense has struggled. But i still see the Sooners running away with this one. Especially coming off a loss and getting another week off, Tech will hang in there for a while though. My Prediction- OU 58 TT 41

#23 Northwestern (5-0) at Penn State(3-2)- If anyone had told you at the beginning of the season that this would have major Big Ten ramifications you would have been laughed at. But now that the Wildcats stands to take the Legends division of the Big Ten, Penn State who's won three straight after an awful start has a chance to play spoiler, and really enjoy this season since they are on probation. Northwestern has been a nice surprise for a Conference that needed one. My Prediction- Northwestern 41 PSU 28

Virginia Tech (3-2) at North Carolina (3-2)- The Hokies are looking to bounce back after a stunning loss to Cinn. The TarHeels are hoping to make some noise in this injury plagues season. But even being at home can't help. My Prediction- VaTech 28 UNC 21

Navy(1-3) at Airforce (2-2)- This one is for all the marbles, ie the Commander and Chief Trophy lead. Nothing could safe the Midshipmans season like upsetting the Falcons at home. But this Navy team just doesn't have it at quarterback and turns the ball over way too much. Airforce has a strong running game, and one of the better pass defenses in the country. My Prediction- AF 31 Navy 21

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