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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My NFL Power Rankings after Week 3, Predictions

*********SPECIAL NOTE**************** Just heard the word that the NFL and the Ref's Union has reached an agreement, and on behalf of all NFL Fans everywhere i would like to say THANK GOD!!!!

NFL Power Rankings

1. Houston Texans 3-0 (#2LW)- With a two headed running game, smart Quarterback who proved he can take a hit, and a defense that's only getting better, we might be looking at the AFC representative for the Super Bowl. I say might because stuff always happens, and people who have been Houston fans even back to the Luv Ya Blue know exactly what i mean.

2. Atlanta Falcons 3-0 (#4LW)- The only team coming close to playing as well as Houston. Right now they kind've remind me of those Marino teams of my childhood, with much better receivers. But unlike those teams of old, this one can run if it wants too. Right now it just doesn't feel like it lol. The Falcons are looking like they are legit, and traveling out to San Diego and dominating them might have proved it.

3. Arizonia Cardinals 3-0 (#9LW)- I know a heck of a jump, well that what Michael Vick thought too. The media can get all over Vick all they want, but maybe Arizonia's defense might be pretty good too. I know fans in Arizonia are shocked they haven't started this good since they were still in St. Louis.

4. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (#8LW)- I saw the kick, and it looked good to me. Even looked good on the replay. The bottom line is this team is an offensive juggernaut just waiting to put it all together. When it does, it might not be able to be stopped. Good thing for the Ravens, because the Defense is starting to show its age, or lack of Terrell Suggs.

5. San Francisco 49ers 2-1 (#1LW)- Was last weeks dud they dropped in Minnesota just one of those things, or has someone finally figured out how to stop the 49ers? Time will tell, and with the receivers they have, Alex Smith might be on the verge of having a really good year, or he will he go the other way and regress to the point that San Fran has to start looking elsewhere. The hopes and dreams of the 49ers will rest on his shoulders this season.

6. Green Bay Packers 1-2 (#3LW)- People should watch out, i think the last act the replacement refs did was to light a fire under the butt of the most talented offensive team in the NFL. Better get your popcorn ready.

7. Seattle Seahawks 2-1 (#11LW)- Well we have all learned something, it is not pleasant to travel to Seattle and play them at home. The 12th man was crazy, and rabid, and as some have put it the 13th man has helped them twice now. Either way that defensive line is putting pressure on teams by just rushing 4 which anyone who knows defense can tell you is a wonderful thing, unless your that offense.

8. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (#13LW)- Yep i know they played awful, but they still won. The sign of a good team is the ability to win even if its ugly, and especially even if you don't deserve to win. Though it may be time for the Boy's to start looking for some free agent beef if they expect to have Romo for the whole season.

9. New York Giants 2-1 (#14LW)- One of the things you will notice about the Giants is that they know how to set up their depth. A key guy goes down, someone you never heard of or someone who's bounced around never playing much for other teams steps up and makes a big statement. That's just good Coaching.

10. San Diego Chargers 2-1 (#5LW)- Well they started off the season fast, and now they finally laid an egg. The question is will they respond now that Ryan Mathews is starting to get his sea legs, or will it take them to the second half of the season. Only time will tell.

11. New England Patriots 1-2 (#10LW)- Surprise a losing record for the first time in forever. Don't blink because you probably wont see this again for a while. Expect them to bounce back quick, with a fairly easy schedule coming up.

12. Chicago Bears 2-1(#18LW)- If Cutler can go a couple more weeks without attacking any of his own team, and can start heating up with Marshall this could be a good offense. But as of right now its a got a few holes. But they are Da Bears, and nobody wins ugly like they do.

13. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 (#6LW)- Is the sky falling, or should their be a loading icon above Michael Vicks head when he's in the pocket lately? Then Andy Reed almost started a quarterback controversy this week in the press. To be brutally honest, i think a lot of it is coming down to his receivers not getting open quick enough.

14. Denver Broncos 1-2 (#7LW)- Having seen Denver on tv twice and them losing both has me thinking. Either i'm a jinx, or maybe Peyton Manning needs to come out earlier and throw harder before the game gets started. His arm speed, and passing seems to get better as the game gets going. Which is great if they could get a game to go to 5 quarters, but bad lately. Plus all in all the Wideouts are not producing the way they were expected to.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (#12LW)- Ok let me tell you what happens when you let a team, even a bad one like the Raiders hang around. They start to think they can beat you, and that's what happened. The Steelers will take this week off to heal and should make a run soon.

16. Cincinnatti Bengals 2-1 (#21LW)- My my what happens when the offense starts clicking and the defense starts hitting...W's that's what. Now if only they can keep it going in a wild AFC North.

17. Detroit Lions 1-2 (#15LW)- Got bit by the Music City Miracle part 2, then Stafford went down. This Lions team is really good when he is healthy, but then really bad when he doesn't.

18. Buffalo Bills 2-1 (#19LW)- I would like to put this team higher, but their best weapon CJ Spiller might be out a bit, and if he falls back into the change of pace, 3 carries a game he was doing, this team wont win 5 games.

19. New York Jets 2-1 (#20LW)- All i have to say to the Miami HC for calling that time out just before your guys blocked that kick that would have saved the game is HA!HA!HA! God i hate when team do that. Right now this team is awful with Stephen Hill out, and then the loss of Revis might be a back breaker

20. Minnesota Viking 2-1 (#27LW)- If i said i thought they would smack the 49ers around like they did last week i would be lying. If they can continue to get better, and if Ponder can keep getting better this team might throw a wrench several other teams plans.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2 (#17LW)- Defense looked a lot more solid. I can tell if it was because Dallas's offensive line was that back or that the Buc's just really are that good. No body runs in a game with Tampa Bay especially Tampa Bay last in many offensive catagories. They can only get better.

22. Washington Redskins 1-2 (#24LW)- Well at least the offense is looking good, because the defense is just plain awful. Now add all the season ending injuries and its gonna be a long year for DC.

23. St. Louis Rams 1-2 (#23LW)- Not as much fun playing at Chicago when the dome at home is so nice and cozy, and fast. Or maybe the OLine just got exposed.

24. Carolina Panthers 1-2 (#16LW)- Nobody was more irritated watching Newton do his Superman celebration down 7-26 than i was, he's on my fantasy team. The one that keeps losing. Maybe the NFL has figured him out. Or maybe Superman needs to start making his reads.

25. Tennessee Titans 1-2 (#30LW)- Nothing like a great game at home where everything goes your way to finally get that first win. Locker is starting to look like the player he was drafted to be. Now if only Chris Johnson could. Guy should send back all the Millions he's "earned" this year so far, and even the backups, backup's on some teams have more yards.

26. Miami Dolphins 1-2 (#26LW) Oh if only i hadn't tried to ice the kicker in that lame way alot of teams are trying then maybe the Dolphins would be 1-1-1 right now. If Reggie Bush is back next week then systems are ago, if not then this team could be looking at a high draft pick.

27. KC Chiefs 1-2 (#29LW)- This is why when things are at their worst you still give Jamaal Charles a few carries, because you never know when Mr. SpeedKills might pop one. If that knee keeps gettting stronger the Chiefs might be looking at the playoffs.

28. Oakland Raiders 1-2 (#31LW)- The Raiders got Lane Kiffen lite his first win, but the real question is. Is this a sign of things coming together or will it be a while before Dennis Allen gets number 2?

29. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 (#28LW)- Just when you thought it was safe for the Colts to get their 2nd win. Baam! Shorts gets his only catch of the day and its an 80yd td.

30. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 (#22LW)- Luck was not on their side last week, but there are signs that Luck will be on this teams side for many years to come.

31. New Orleans Saints 0-3 (#25LW)- Yeah i know everybody reading this will say the Saints aren't this bad. Well maybe they are? The Defense certainly is, and now they have to play an angry Packers team who might score a 100pts on this defense.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-3 (#32LW)- Break up the Browns!. No really break them up. This is a team of many questions. Like was Colt McCoy the real problem? how many picks will Brandon Weeden throw this year? Richardson may be for real, but how many carries can he get if they keep getting hammered? How many College teams could beat the Browns?

Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

Cleveland (0-3) @ Baltimore (2-1)= Expect this one to be as good as the last thurday night name, with Ray Rice getting plenty of carries late= Baltimore 36 Cleve 10
SD (2-1) @ KC (1-2) = Which teams will we see? KC is a tough place to play, luckily for the Chargers it isn't winter yet. = San Diego 28 KC 24
Tenn(1-2) @ Hou(3-0)= This is indeed a strange week the new Browns travel to play the old one, and the Old Houston team travels to the new one. Tennesse would love nothing better than to ruin what Houston has built. I'm expecting a blowout and you know what that means. Nail bitter= Houston 35 Tenn 27
SF (2-1) @ NYJets (2-1)= The 49ers are angry, but the Jets are frisky and like a good fight. So this one could go several ways, but here's how i see it= SF 27 Jets 17
Saints (0-3) @GB (1-2) = This time the Pack won will have the 12th man on its side, and should be very angry after the way they got jobbed last week. Then you add to it that the Saints are just so bad on Defense= GB 48 NO 34
Miami(1-2) @Arizonia (3-0) = This is a hard one, if Bush plays this might be closer, but if he doesn't this could get ugly quick. = Arizonia 24 Miami 14
Carolina(1-2) @ Atlanta (3-0) = It just might be time for the Falcons to rest on their lorals, and have to win a close one= Atl 38 Car 34
New England (1-2) @ Buff (2-1) = Pity the Bills because the Patriots wont= NE 42 Buff 21
Minn (2-1) @ Detroit (1-2) = This could turn out to be the best game of the weekend. If the Vikings are trying to continue expressing their will on teams and not laying down.= Det 31 Minn 28
Seattle(2-1) @ St.L (1-2) = Upset alert. Seattle is built to smash stuff, and the Rams are built for speed. If Bradford can hit the quick passes to help his line, this will be the matchup of the game= StL31 Sea 24
Oak(1-2) @ Den (1-2) = Old rivalries are always fun to watch. = Den 31 Oak 21
Cinn (2-1) @ Jack (1-2) = Toss up = Jack 24 Cinn 23
Wash (1-2) @ TB (1-2) = If the Buc's do win i hope the Redskins nail the center on the kneel down, its only fair after all. Two young teams, but the edge goes to the defense, and epecially when its home. =           TB 34 Wash 23
NYGiants (2-1) @ Philadelphia (2-1)= Eagles are gonna get to hear all week how much they stink, and how great the Giants are, and how great Eli Manning is. Well all are true, but you don't kick something when its down unless you want to make it mad= Phil 27 NYG 24
Chicago (2-1) @ Dallas (2-1)= Time for both teams to put up or shut up.= Dallas 13 Chicago 12

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