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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My NCAA Football Top 30 & Regional Rankings, September 23, 2012

LW/ RANK/ TEAM/ RECORD/ Last Week Result/ Game This Week

1      1. Alabama Crimson Tide 4-0, beat Fl Atl 41-7, @Ole Miss
3      2. Oregon Ducks 4-0, beat #26Ariz 49-0, @Wash State
2      3. Georgia Bulldogs 4-0, beat Vandy 48-7, vs. Tennessee
6      4. Florida State Seminoles 4-0, beat #7 Clem 49-37, @S.Florida
4      5. West Virginia Mountaineers 3-0, beat MD 31-21, vs. #24Baylor
9      6. KSU Wildcats 4-0, beat #8 OU 24-19, off
5      7. LSU Tigers 4-0, beat Auburn 12-10, vs. Townson State
10    8. South Carolina Gamecocks 4-0, beat Mizzo 31-10, @Kentucky
11    9. Ohio State Buckeyes 4-0, beat UAB 29-15, @#19Mich State
12  10. Texas Longhorns 4-0, off, @Oklahoma State
13  11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 4-0, beat #22Mich 13-6, off
14  12. Stanford Cardinals 3-0, off, @Washington
15  13. USC Trojans 3-1, beat Cal 27-9, off
16  14. TCU Horned Frogs 3-0, beat Virginia 27-7, @SMU
17  15. Florida Gators 4-0, beat Kentucky 38-0, off
7    16. Clemson Tigers 3-1, lost to #6 FSU 37-49, @BC
8    17. Oklahoma Sooners 2-1, lost to #9KSU 19-24, off
19  18. Louisiville Cardinals 4-0, beat Fl Int 28-21, vs. So.Miss
20  19. Michigan State Spartans 3-1, beat EMich 23-7, vs. #9Ohio State
NR20. Oregon State Beavers 2-0, beat #18 UCLA 27-20, @Ariz
18  21. UCLA Bruins 3-1, lost to Oregon State 20-27, @Colorado
21  22. Nebraska Cornhuskers 3-1, beat Idaho St 73-7, vs. Wisconsin
23  23. Virginia Tech Hokies 3-1, beat Bowling Green 37-0, @Cinn
24  24. Baylor Bears 3-0, beat ULMonroe 47-42, @#5West Virginia
25  25. Mississippi State Bulldogs 4-0, beat S.Alab 30-10, off
27  26. Northwestern Wildcats 4-0, beat SDak St 38-7, vs. Indiana
29  27. Rutgers Scarlet Knights 4-0, beat Arkansas 35-26, off
NR28. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 3-0, beat Illinois 52-24, @Virginia
NR29. Minnesota Golden Gophers 4-0, beat Syracuse 17-10, @Iowa
NR30. ASU Sun Devils 3-1, beat Utah 37-7, @Cal

******************Regional Rankings********************

1. WVir-5        1. Alabama-1      1.KSU-6          1. LSU-7              1. Oregon-2
2. Louis-18      2. Geo-3             2. OhioSt-9      2. Texas-10         2. Stanford-12
3. VT-23          3. FSU-4             3. ND-11         3. TCU-14            3. USC-13
4. Rutg-27       4. SCar-8            4. MichSt-19  4. OU-17              4. Oregon St-20
5. Cinn(2-0)     5. Florida-15       5. Neb-22       5. Baylor-24         5. UCLA-21
6. Tenn(3-1)    6. Clem-16          6. NWest-26   6. LaTech-28       6. ASU-30
7. WKy(3-1)    7. MissSt-25      7. IowaSt(3-0) 7. TexTech(3-0)   7. Ariz(3-1)
8. WKF(3-1)    8. Miss(3-1)       8. Ohio(4-0)     8. OkSt(2-1)        8. BoiseSt(2-1)
9. NCSt(3-1)   9. Miami(3-1)     9. Wis(3-1)      9. TA&M(2-1)    9. Nevada (3-1)
10. Duke(3-1) 10. UCF(2-1)     10. Pur(2-1)     10. Tulsa(3-1)      10. Wash(2-1)

****************Big Games For This Week****************

#1 Alabama(4-0) @ Ole Miss(3-1)- Am i expecting this to be close or really any kind of challenge what so ever for Alabama? No. Ole Miss is the first team the Crimson Tide have faced that tries to run any kind've fancy offense. Yeah i know they beat Michigan, but all you have to do to beat Michigan is stop Denard Robinson. Plus this is a rivalry game, these guys have been playing since the caveman era, and there no love lost between them. So just so you know i'm not expecting an upset, but i think if things go their way the Rebels could hang for a while with the Almighty Crimson Time. My Prediction- Alabama 48 Ole Miss 21

Tennessee (3-1) @ #3 Georgia (4-0)- This is a major trap game for the Bulldogs. Tennesee if clicking on all cylinders can hang with anyone offensively, problem for them is they usually find a way to stub their own toe. So this one could have a wide range of outcomes if played more than once. But all in all i expect Georgia to use all their yound running backs to run all over Tennessee. My Prediction- Georgia 38 Tennessee 23

#24 Baylor (3-0) @ #5 West Virginia (4-0)- This one could live up to the billing at both will race to see how many points they can put up. Baylor has a bette ground game, but the Mountaineers really don't need one. Both are quick strike teams that can score points in a hurry. Plus this is West Virginia's initiation into the Big 12. My Prediction- WV 63 Baylor 48

#9 Ohio State (4-0) @ #19 Michigan State(3-1)- If Sparty could muster any kind've of passing attack to take some pressure off of Bell this might be one heck of a game, and one that i would take Michigan State. Who has a better running game, and defense. But the Buckeyes should have just enough offense to stay ahead of MSU. My Prediction- Ohio State 23 Mich State 15

#10 Texas (4-0) @ Oklahoma State (2-1)- This one is a tough one. Is Oklahoma State good or not, they really haven't played anyone, and the one they did Arizonia took them to the woodshed. Texas is a team designed for the SEC which is what Mack Brown has wanted for a while. A stable of running backs, mediocre quarterback, and good defense. Notice i didn't say great defense because Texas has the talent to be a great defense but just refuses to tackle properly and as such give up more big plays each week that a great defense should. My Prediction- Texas 48 Ok State 35

Arkansas (1-3) @ Texas A&M (2-1)- Right now the Aggies are licking their chops thinking they will finally get a chance to win their first SEC game. With Arkansas unable to find a way to get back to the team they used to be, it is hard to say. A&M is a young team on the rise with a R-Fr quarterback Manziel who has all the moves and is learning a very complicated offense fairly quick. The crowd should be crazy. Arkansas would love nothing better than to get back on track and keep the Aggies from their first SEC win. But throw all of that out. Deep down inside these two team have a deep hatred that has gone on off and on since 1903, with Arkansas winning 62.5 % of the time including a 3 game win streak. Like with most rivalries you can throw out a lot of stuff, as this one should be chippy, with a lot of hitting. My Prediction- Arkansas 33 Texas A&M 32

#23 Virginia Tech (3-1) at Cincinnatti(2-0)- The Bearcats have the quarterback with the coolest sounding name Munchie Legaux (Mun-Che Lee-Go), he is a smooth running quarterback who will give anybody fits trying to tackle. He like Denard Robinson is the key to how well Cinn will do this year, but unlike Michigan Cinn has a lot of side weapons that can explode. Another interesting note, these team have a common team they both have already played. Pittsburgh, VT got smoked by them, and Cinn crushed them. My Prediction- Cinn 34 VT 27

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