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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My NFL Power Rankings, Predictions

NFL Power Rankings

1. San Francisco 49ers 2-0, Who knew Alex Smith could be an elite quarterback...well...Harbaugh did lol. The 49ers have been the most dominate team so far, great defense, strong running game, and timely passing can usually lead to a Super Bowl run.
2. Houston Texans 2-0, Two dominate wins, and so far everybodies healthy. Plus the Texans know if their fantasy MVP goes down, his back-up could start for just about everybody else.
3. Green Bay Packers 1-1, With that one loss out of the way, the Pack can go back to worring about what really matters in Titletown.
4. Atlanta Falcons 2-0, Had to spend all week listening to how great Peyton, and Denver was. Looked like someone was angry.
5. San Diego Chargers 2-0, Hurry somebody tell Norv Turner that they are supposed to start slow.
6. Philadelphia Eagles 2-0, Found a way to steal games instead of giving them away like last year.
7. Denver Broncos 1-1, Was the first half just a fluke, or does Manning need to work out a few kinks. Next few weeks will tell.
8. Baltimore Ravens 1-1, Somebody remind Cameron that Ray Rice needs to get fed in the 4th quarter. Is this the Baltimore Ravens or the Jim Kelly Bills?
9. Arizonia Cardinals 2-0, Two different starting quarterbacks, Larry Fitzgerald has 67yds receiving and we cant run, and our offensive line has massive holes...wait we are undefeated lol.
10. New England Patriots 1-1, How important is an offensive line, just ask Brady if he last the season.
11. Seattle Seahawks 1-1, I get it now this is why Wisconsin is struggling to play, the Seahawks are Wisconsin west, smashmouth running game, timely passing, and some luck going their way.
12. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1, With two key defenders out, can Roethlisberger keep on dodging everything that comes his way?
13. Dallas Cowboys 1-1, Everything that could go wrong did last week, fumbles, play makers dropping everything. Was that just a fluke or can they be the team they were opening week?
14. New York Giants 1-1, Captain Comback strikes again, 253yds passing in the 4th quarter alone. Well i'm promoting him to Fleet Admiral Comback since there isn't anyone better late. Maybe the Giants can find a way to play well the other three.
15. Detroit Lions 1-1, The Lions are hitting on all cylinders except for a depleted Secondary that had to be trying out the ball boy at corner this week.
16. Carolina Panthers 1-1, Can Cam Newton continue on this wave and take his team to the playoffs like he promised or did they catch the Saints at the right time?
17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-1, One quarter away from being 2-0, but other than the cheap move against the victory formation these guys look like they could be contenders.
18. Chicago Bears 1-1, The real question is how hard, and how long will their offensive line block for an overated Quarterback who has no respect for them?
19. Buffalo Bills 1-1, Who knew that all they had to do to explode was feed CJ Spiller more? After all hes only averaging over 10yds per carry. Fantasy owners are praying Jackson takes his time getting healthy
20. New York Jets 1-1, Is it Tebow time yet?
21. Cincinnatti Bengals 1-1, Well at least they can say they are the best team in Ohio. Defense needs to play like they should if they want to go to playoffs
22. Indianapolis Colts 1-1, Quick turn around for Luck, was it just luck, or shades of things to come?
23. St. Louis Rams 1-1, Offense finally gets going, and a few lucky calls. Are they headed up or down?
24. Washington Redskins 1-1, This is the funny thing about the NFL top of the world one week, bottom the next. RGIII will have to decide this teams fate. As the Defense lost two big starters for the season.
25. New Orleans Saints 1-1, So it looks like the Head Coach is kind've important. Or maybe Jonathan Vilma was cause their defense just plain stinks.
26. Miami Dolphins 1-1, Did Ricky Williams really retire, or did he put on Reggie Bush's number lol. Guess he's finally proving he's a running back and not just a 3rd down guy.
27. Minnesota Vikings 1-1, If they were in any other division but the North this team would have a chance at making the playoffs.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2, Signs of potential are starting to show, if a little luck finds their way, maybe they can make a challenge.
29. Kansas City Chiefs 0-2, Is this the same team that was winning down the stretch last season? Jamaal Charles's knee needs some more time. How long before the natives go for this Coach?
30. Tennessee Titans 0-2, Guess Vince Young's why Chris Johnson was so good. Right now he's on pace to get 100yds by week 10. Maybe next year they will spend their high draft picks on O-Line
31. Oakland Raiders 0-2, One tough loss turnes into a blow out the next week. Last years team was better, how long before they are auditioning a new Coach?
32. Cleveland Browns 0-2, It took a while, 3 preseason games, 2 regular season games for the almost 30 year old rookie Weeden to throw his first td pass. Then again if Richardson can keep running as hard as he is anybody will have open people to throw to.

Week Three Matchups and Predictions

NYGiants (1-1) at Carolina (1-1) = NYG 45 Car 31
TBay (1-1) at Dallas (1-1) = Dallas 38 TB 28
KC (0-2) at N Orleans (0-2) = NO 42 KC 17
Houston (2-0) at Denver (1-1) = Houston 28 Denver 24
SF(2-0) at Minnesota (1-1) =SF 28 Minn 17
NYJets (1-1) at Miami (1-1) = Miami 31 NYJ28 ot
Buff (1-1) at Cleveland (0-2) = Buff 38 Cleve 21
StL(1-1) at Chicago (1-1) = Chicago 24 Stl 14
Det(1-1) at Tennessee(0-2) = Detroit 38 Tenn 10
Jack (0-2) at Indianapolis (1-1) = Ind 28 Jack 24
Cinn (1-1) at Washington (1-1) = Wash 31 Cinn 21
Phil (2-0) at Arizonia (2-0) = Phil 28 Ariz 27
Atlanta (2-0) at SD(2-0) = SD 34 Atl 31
Pitt(1-1) at Oakland(0-2) = Pitt 34 Oak 17
NE (1-1) at Baltimore (1-1) = Balt 38 NE 35
GB (1-1) at Seattle (1-1) = GB 34 Seattle 28

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